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Aug 10, 2006 08:28 PM

Palena and Dino

I am trying to figure out which place deserves a visit. I keep reading good things about each establishment and then turn around to read off coments about them. Are either of them even worth trying? Are the two comparable in food and service? if so are they any good?

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  1. Palena menu is American; Dino is Italian.

    Palena is divided into two parts: the full restaurant menu, and the bar menu. The bar menu can only be ordered if you sit in the front room or on the sidewalk patio (no reservations accepted). You can always order from the full menu no matter where you sit.

    The star of the bar menu is the roast chicken, which is cooked to order and can take around 30- 45 minutes. All items on the bar menu are reasonably priced and uniformly good, but YMMV.

    From the one time I was there, the restaurant menu offered some highs and lows. Expensive. It's a good choice for a high end meal.

    Dino is nice enough. I've only been there once, and the food is good. Crostini (snacks) are a good order.

    If I had a choice, I would go to Palena without reservations, but try to get there early. I would definitely go for the roast chicken plus order whatever seems interesting from both menus. That way you'll definitely have a hit with the roast chicken, plus you'll get to sample their other offerings.

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      Palena is the superior place both in the Cafe and in the regular restaurant. Dino has an interesting wine list but less interesting food. At Palena, ask Kelly for advice on wine. She always has some great and affordable suggestions.

    2. I have been to Dino twice and both times I liked it but was far from blown away. What I'm saying is, if I lived in Cleveland Park, I would probably go a fair bit; I live in Chinatown, and I almost never go.

      I wouldn't make a trip for it.

      Palena, I've not been to either, but I want to go, so... let us know.

      1. Both are good but for different things. I love wine, so Dino is a no brainer, his wine list is huge and exceptionally reasonably priced. Palena is where I go to get a formal, 3 to 5 course meal of classic New American food, Dino is where I go to get appetizers and wine.

        1. Agreed; skip the entrees at Dino (my experience has been underwhelming), but a great option for wine and cheese/meat/snacks. I've only eaten at the Palena Cafe, but hear the formal restaurant is excellent.

          1. Went to DINO's last night. Here's my take for whats its worth:
            For app's we ordered the baby octopus(enjoyed it alot) and the Bufala Mozz/Ricotta (very fresh, nice plate presentation).
            We went knowing that fellow chowhounds recommended sticking with appetizers vs ordering entrees - but whats the point of going out to dinner? So we tried: Lasagne (nice enough, I give it a 7.5) and the roasted chicken dinner (also a 7.5). Both were satisfying - remember we werent expecting "fine dining". As I see Tuscan food, it is just that - homey and earthy.
            We brought our own bottle of wine (2000 Amarone) to have with dinner, but they wave the $20 corkage fee if you buy a bottle of their wine. (Their wine list IS huge..) So we ordered a nice white for starters ($40 Ronco del Gnemiz - Tocai Friulano)... which I strongly recommend.
            So in the end it was right under $100 (before tip) for 2 of us.
            As for SERVICE - the staff was fine, but not what I could call "professional" and their uniforms of jeans (what i would call "work jeans") and tee shirts seemed out of place......
            We noticed as the restuarant began to fill up, the food deliveries got pretty slow, but it didnt affect us since we were there early.
            I WILL go back, but I wont be in a huge hurry to do so.