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Aug 10, 2006 08:24 PM

where to meet halfway for cheap light dinner/drinks between century city/bev hills & los feliz??

hey ya'll i'm meeting some old high school friends tomorrow night and need some suggestions, especially for drinks (i think they can really put em away). there is no way in hell i want to drive over to century city on a friday night, so i'm looking for a place(s) that is/are closer to me. i have no idea what kind of food they like, but i'd like to take them to a place that is quintessentially LA, minus the price tag. i was thinking of the tiki ti or something along those lines, but it's $10/drink there and a little far fro them to drive (what about el compadre?). so if you know of any cool places that have a good happy hour (esp one that offers some chow), please chime in... thanks again!

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  1. Not too sure about happy hours, but a few places that come to mind, all in central Hollywood, are Magnolia, Bowery, Eat on Sunset and the Cat n' Fiddle. All have full bars and food.
    Otherwise there's El Carmen on Third...

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      i could only imagine what the drink prices at magnolia are considering i paid $11 for a veggie burger there. thanks for the suggestions tho...i forgot about the cat n fiddle, that could be a good place

    2. how about hms bounty in ktown?

      1. For cheap drinks and eats, Meixcan is often the way to go - especially if they got a Happy Hour too. At Marix Tex Mex they have one from 4 to 7 ($1.50 "basic" tacos) and free Chips and Salsa: alas sans "Heat". I've never been to this one but I have to the branch in Santa Monica and it is basic passable(?) gringoized fare, but better than El Torito (yuk).

        Marix Tex Mex
        1108 N. Flores (near Santa Monica Blvd
        )West Hollywood
        (323) 658-8800

        1. hungry cat in hollywood. great drinks, great food.

          a.o.c. on third.

          bin 8945 on santa monica in weho.

          1. As much as love hungry cat and a.o.c. they are not cheap. Had decent drinks on a lovely patio at Tart at the Farmer's Daughter motel on 3rd/Fairfax the other week, not too expensive for rail drinks and great atmosphere. Don't know about food.

            Another nice spot (closer to you in LF) is Lou's Wine Bar at Melrose and Vine. Reasonably priced and very good food, including "pig candy" brown sugar carmelized bacon, basically. My review and some pics here: