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Aug 10, 2006 07:46 PM

China Palace Restaurant, Milpitas Report (w/ pictures.) Cheap and good food here.

P. and I went here for lunch today 8/10/06. When we got there we were not the first, amazing. Someone else arrived before us.

They are open 10am-3am, long hours.

They gave us a pot of tea right after sitting down. I'd prefer a cup of ice water but it's hard to get ice water in a Chinese restaurant many times, so I didn't bother. I asked for my free boba tea but waitress said they were making it, and it'll be done in 10 minutes. We did get the Free boba after our noodle dishes! Nice.

There is a huge menu here: House special rice in lotus leaf, soups, dim sum; simmered items; special combo box $4.65-5.55; simmered items; noodle dishes; rice plates; tossed noodle plates; porridge; Chinese specialties; and clay pots.

We got three dishes:
#137 beef stew tossed noodle $5.50-huge plate of noodles and a handful of beef stew and some tender greens. Pretty good but then they give you a tiny bowl to eat it in, best to just eat it from the plate it's served on.

P. got #102-house special pan fried noodle $5.50-huge plate of pan fried HK-style noodles w/ tender greens, chicken, beef, shrimp. He liked it.

#28- boiled dumplings $5.25-12 pieces of boiled dumplings w/ pork (I think) in it, comes with a vinegary sauce. I liked it.

We finished the dumplings, and we each got our dish with lots of leftovers. We are big eaters so I'm always happy when we have leftovers!!

Total before tip was $17.90!! CASH ONLY! With the bill you can get a $1 off coupon for a future visit that expires in 10 days.

Service I'd give it 2 stars-waitresses are too busy talking to each other to bother helping the customer. I had to flag down the waitress to order, we had to get extra plate ourself, had to go to the cashier to pay, and flag down the waitress to get boxes to go.

Sign near the front-Today's Special: Crocodile $9.95; Deer Meat $9.95; Rabbit $12.99; Snake $12.99!!

Food-4 stars, Recommended.

China Palace Restaurant
688 Barber Ln (in the Uifert Center)
Milpitas 95035

my pictures:

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  1. Thanks for posting a review about this place. I've only eaten there once, and did mention it several times in threads about late night eats and Chinese food in the South Bay that's a little off beat.

    This restaurant, and the one next door are both open till 3 am. However China Palace wins hands down in terms of variety, value, authenticity, and overall quality of dishes, which the next place only does noodle soups ok (even though they do give you free iced bobba milk tea as well).

    What is nice is that outside the restaurant on its windows they posted pictures of their numerous (and random) offerings so you know what it looks like at least.

    I never found out if the owners/workers are from China or Taiwan, but the type of dishes they have been serving leave me to believe somewhere from China. They have everything from full blown courses to dinner/lunch specials (which are of good value). If I remember correctly there is a section called "Taiwan xiaochi" (Taiwanese small snacks/eats) which seems to be another indication the owners/chef may not be from Taiwan, but simply offering regional dishes (just like how Five A's in Burlingame offers Northern Style Chinese but yet you see Taiwanese style pork chop rice on their menu).

    If anyone can read Chinese, do check the walls and white board specials that are not on the menu. The variety this restaurant offers is quite amazing.

    1. Simplified characters so they're Chinese owned from China. As for the traslation in picture three (white board), basically it's just today's special veggies. The offerings is pretty much as the same ones posted in the salmon colored paper writing.

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        Thanks for the info. I should have taken more pictures of secret Chinese menu on the opposite side of the restaurant. Something about 6 styles of crab for $12.99.