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Aug 10, 2006 07:29 PM

LAX early morning grub?

I'm going to have a 3-4hr layover at LAX soon and was wondering if there is anything decent to eat in the airport at 5am, or if there is something good fairly close by. I guess breakfast is about the only thing going at that time, which is fine. If I have to leave the airport to get some decent food, does anyone know if LAX has lockers for luggage? Some places I have been removed them post 9/11. Would suck to drag a couple of bags around. Thanks.

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  1. There are no longer lockers in any (at least none that I know of) airport in the US. There may be private store luggage facility on site. Last time I used that kind of service at LAX was pre 9/11. You could see if you can check in early for your departing flight.

    As for food, if you don't mind dragging your luggage around, there are 2 or 3 hotels near the airport that has free shuttle services. Their restaurants serve pretty early breakfast. IIRC there is a Marriott that's pretty decent. There is also a Crowne Plaze and a Radisson.

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      Thanks, I think I'm brain dead today. My luggage will most likely be transferred to the next plane back to Boston. If not, I should be able to check it early. Maybe I will check out the Marriot. I'd just like something hot after flying through the night.

    2. When we know we're going to be stuck at LAX we always stop at Panera on Sepulveda just north of the airport. We either eat there or we get something to go. They have a number of breakfasts items and a variety of cold and hot sandwiches. The food is infinitely better than in the airport. It's cheaper. And it's quite quick.

      There's also a Trader Joe's in the same little pocket mall. At TJs you can pick up nuts, fresh fruit and other snackables.

      Edited to say a hotel is probably a better choice if you're an out-of-towner on a layover. Panera is a better choice for locals planning their car trip to & from.

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        in any case, panera wouldn't be open at 5AM.
        just so you know, panera uses a lot of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. (some people try to restrict that)

        at 5 am, my guess is the hotels would be the best bet.

      2. That much of a layover would be enough time to get over to Pann's, which is not too far away, however, with today's increase in airport security procedures, it could be problematic, leaving the airport, and then getting back in and through security.

        All that being said, I highly recommend Pann's, here are a couple of threads about breakfast there:

        1. what terminal will you be coming into?

          1. I just recently went through the same thing, only I had a very early flight out with questions on where to eat that early.
            That being said, the food selection differs from terminal to terminal. We weren't that lucky, and suffered through the $%*^ Burger King breakfast, which I don't recommend to anyone.
            I just had breakfast at my local Marriott last week, having to stay there during the heat wave while our AC was fixed. The eggs benedict was surprisingly good, as was the coffee and orange juice. They may have a buffet breakfast in their dining room, which would include an omelet bar and a belgian waffle station, among a huge selection of other breakfast goodies.
            If you decide on Pann's, they open for breakfast at 7:00 am