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Aug 10, 2006 07:24 PM

Stromboli at Pezzella's in Sunnyvale?

A tipster recommends the stromboli at Pezzella's Villa Napoli in Sunnyvale. Any chow intelligence on this?

Pezzella's Villa Napoli -

Alia's mention of Pezzella's -

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  1. Is Pezzella Stromboli better than the one at Frankie+Johnny+Luigi?

    I really like the S'boli from FJLT.

    1. I'm curious about Pezzella's as well. They've been there for ages and their parking lot is always full on weekends yet surprising little has been written about the place.

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        The osso buco special on tuesday nights sounds pretty appealing.

      2. I haven't had the stromboli yet but I like their NY-style pizzas. Crust is slightly chewier than crunchy. Not on the menu is an appetizer called garlic knots. It's basically fried pizza dough with a healthy dose of chopped garlic, diced tomatoes and basil. You must like garlic to eat this dish. There's a special that I always get if i see it: pasta purses filled with a mixture of seafood. This place is packed with regulars, mostly of the early bird crowd. The owner is a big Packers fan so lots of cheeseheads whenever there's a game.