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Aug 10, 2006 06:47 PM

Found: Great Pho in Newmarket

I have to give this place another plug: PHO SAIGON, 16925 Yonge Street.

This is the best Pho I have ever had in my life. And to think that I found it in Newmarket.

As I see it, the keys to Pho are: the broth, and the meat. At this place, the broth is wonderful, fragrant, rich, yet light. It tastes of care and time spent.

Meat can (and often does) ruin an otherwise good bowl of Pho. Meat that is too fatty or gristly is too often served. The meat at this place was very nice and consistent. Every piece a winner.

The limes, basil, and sprouts and superfresh. And, they gladly gave me extra.

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  1. Which plaza is that in? My parents live in Newmarket and they're always looking for something new. Did you try anything else there?

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    1. re: christinea

      It's in the "Quaker Hill Plaza", not far from Lick's.
      This place is a real find! Also check out the Asian grocery store a few steps away..the best pork rinds, Viet subs, cut up duck on Wed-Sun, etc,

    2. I'll add my plug for Pho Saigon as well... I've only been there twice, but the pho with rare beef was great! I am going back soon.

      1. I guess I should revive this thread.

        My wife and I go there all the time. I stumbled across this as I was looking for the hours of operation.

        Great place.


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        1. re: Davwud

          Also in Newmarket, just down from there in the Weston Plaza, Yonge and SavageRd (s of Mulock) is a new one called Com Pho Asia - I found their pho delicious, too!

          1. re: Wiley

            Yes, we've been there too. I like 'em both but my wife likes PS because their peanut sauce is better.
            She always says, "You could put this on a shoe and it'd taste good."


            1. re: Wiley

              Would you happen to have the phone # for Com Pho Asia? THANKKKKKKS

          2. Would you happen to know if they have any vegetarian options? Com Pho Asia has only veg spring rolls and one noodle dish. I usually go to Pho Mi Viet Thai in Maple because they have a yummy vegetarian pho.

            Thanks kindly!

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            1. re: mrsleny

              Sorry, folks - just misplaced their business card with phone# and it's not in Canada411, and I'm not sure about veggie options there. If I fine the # I'll let you know..

              1. re: Wiley

                Found the number!! (905) 830-9626

                1. re: Wiley

                  OMG, thanks soooo much! you're a saint! take care