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Aug 10, 2006 06:39 PM

Another Atlanta question...Southern home cooking and Bar B Cue

Hi All,

I am also going with family to Atlanta for Labor Day Weekend. We will be staying in Stockbridge, but will have transportation. We are looking for inexpensive Southern Home cooking and Bar B Cue places. Have wanted to try Mary Mac's the last couple of times we've been down, but haven't yet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. First, do not go to Mary Mac's, it has gotten so bad as of late. Think very nursing home-like food. Son's Place in Inman Park is very good. Super casual, like a cafeteria, but very much the definition of soul food. If you are willing to drive a bit farther, Greenwood's on Green St. in Roswell is my favorite and is really unbeatable for the price and the portions and the quality and so on. Across the street, Greenwood's owns Swallow at the Hollow which has good bar-b-que and live music.


    1. A little closer to Stockbridge, you could try Thomas' at the State Farmer's Mkt in Forest Park. Yet another one of those places I haven't been in a long time, but they do a good meat and three.

      1. I just read online that Thomas' closed. Is this true?

        1. Ooh, that would be a bummer.

          Well, looks like you're right. Happened during my recent sabbatical from everything but working and working on my house.

          1. I would second the recommendation of Greenwood's and Swallow at the Hollow - but they are quite some distance from Stockbridge. A couple of miles south (not much closer) is Chip's Country Cooking. The last time we ate there (a couple of months ago) the sign outside still said Veggie's to Go. It is on Roswell Road at Hildebrand (exit on GA 400) behind a Dunkin' Donuts. Their menu allows one to order meat with one, two, three, or four vegetables - or order a vegetable plate. Catfish, chicken, pork chops and more along with all of the southern vegetables you might like to try.