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Aug 10, 2006 06:35 PM

Little dishes, little fun

Folks -- Last night we ate at Little Dishes in P.S. After a fav. review in the times and much buzz on this board, we jumped in. But the fish was just this side of too turned to eat (the oysters and the sardines), and both the pork butt and the toast that came with the grilled eggplant were so salty that almost no other flavors could come through. Even though the proprieter had made it seem as if he were doing us a big favor by seating us in the garden before our entire party was there (there were two free tables and the entire inside was empty -- should have been a sign!) we ended up rushing out of there because of the mosquitos. The beer WAS great, but at $9 a bottle, so expensive as to make us feel unhappy about drinking it. And the tab of nearly $100 for three for food that was very uneven made it a sorry experience, indeed.

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  1. That is a shame, really. Did you not search the board for the reviews? I am quite sure you would have avoided it given the scathing comments from the last round of talk.

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      Ah yes ... that would be me. :-)

      Interesting that they have now discovered salt. It was largely absent in the meal we had in early June. They made a fetish of minimalist cooking and there was hardly any seasoning at all.

      It seems they have found a new way to be bad.

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        I searched for the "scathing remarks" about Little Dishes and found a minority of people being countered by people who love Little Dishes, as do I.

        As a South Sloper, I count Little Dishes as the best restaurant south of 9th, including Applewood. The food is divine (and perfectly spiced), the staff is wonderful and very accommodating, and the prices, while not cheap, are nothing out of the ordinary ($100 for 3 is not outrageous in my mind). My husband John and I eat there at least once every two weeks or so and have been rarely disappointed.

      2. If this is the space once occupied by the late, not too great "Cornbread Cafe", it sounds like the ghosts are rising.

        What possesses ANY restaurant, especially one so ordinary-looking in Brooklyn, to serve a $9 bottle of beer (that's $11.50 with T&T)?...that price might be OK if the beer were a Chimay Reserve, a 22oz Ommegang or Lindemann's Lambic Framboise. Was it?

        For your $100, you could have 10 satisfying meals at "Mr. Falafel"...or at least three at "Anthony's Pizza" down the street.

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        1. re: Mike R.

          By coincidence, we also ate at Little Dishes last night and had a terrific meal. Loved the watermelon and cheddar cheese appetizer -- a great combo to me -- and the hake with chick peas etc. was quite good too. We both really like this place -- consistently tasty and interesting food. We sat inside -- I don't like the noisy air conditioner and my husband is a mosquito magnet.

        2. Ate at Little Dishes last night with my son and his girlfriend. We had grilled baby octopus, stuffed squid, pork butt, sardines, and some golden and red beets with beet greens that were SO delicious—sweet with a crisp edge—we ordered them twice. Everything tasted great, the sardines in particular were superfresh, the pork butt has a good spicy bite—don't know if it's cayenne or what—and we washed it down with a $34 bottle of Italian red Nebbiolo called Spanna that was just right with the food. They brought us a complimentary glass of dessert wine each with a very nice ricotta cake that we had the last slice of. The total, with wine, coffee, tax and tip was $150, which seemed not bad for three considering that we were completely stuffed. It's a lovely place, I'm sorry you've had a bad experience there.