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Aug 10, 2006 06:20 PM

Matyson...The hype is real

Well, It's no secret that Matyson is the overwhelming favorite on this board. It's mentioned all the time, but, I've never been there. Yesterday was my birthday and my wonderful girlfriend had a suprise night planned out and reservations for Upstairs at Varalli. After casual conversation and me basically telling her that I wasn't really feeling that place and everyone on here loves Matson, she made reservations for Matyson. No appetizers because we were going somewhere afterwards for dessert and I didn't want to eat entirely too much. I ordered the steak frites and that was amazing. Fries were done perfectly, crunchy on the outside and seasoned nicely. The steak was great, done perfectly and it came topped with a lovely onion which melted in my mouth. Girlfriend had pan seared chicken which was also very good. Great flavor and prepared well, as chicken is not the easiest meat to keep moist. We didn't get dessert but when she made the reservations she told them it was my b-day and they rememberd and brought me out a chocolate strawberry with whipped cream and a candle. The service was excellent and the food was even better. I am so glad we went and I'll now be getting a gift certificate for my parents 25th anniversary instead of my other choices...Not for nothing, but afterwards we went to Loie on 18th got a private room upstairs and SUPRISE, all my friends were there for the party. And to top it all off she got cannolis from Ianelli's (Isgro's is on vacation) and even had the good sense to wait to fill them so they wouldn't get soggy. Best birthday ever.

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  1. Glad you liked it and had such a great birthday! Matyson is consistently one of my faves. I'm going for lunch on Friday. Anyone been lately and have any recommendations from the lunch menu?

    1. Absolutely go back for dessert. It's the best!

      1. Next time save room for dessert.
        I haven't been in a million years, but everyone says the dessert their is the most important part.

        1. After reading all the hype about Matyson on this board for almost 2 years we finally paid a visit on Saturday for early dinner and we're totally underwhelmed. Service was attentive, salad was good but soup was bland, then both the Monkfish & Sea Bass almost tastless. Based upon appetizer & entre experience, decided to skip desert and headed down the block to Capogiro Gelateria instead. Disappointing.....

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            So sad that you had that experience. Full disclosure.. it is my favorite restaurant in Philadelphia and the one we use as a benchmark when traveling. IMHO very few have measured up in food quality.

            We were there on Friday. We started with the spanish tomato soup (which my non soup loving husband ordered) and the pork taco with avocado and salsa. For entrees we shared the roast chicken and steak frites with parmesan truffle fries. Having eaten steak frites in europe my biggest complaint was always the quality of the meat. Not so at Matysons... very tender and flavorful

            For dessert I had the bananas foster shortbread. OMG!
            a big flaky shortbread, split, topped with homemade ice cream and mounded with bananas in caramel sauce. I love all these ingredients and it was perhaps my favorite among favorites.

          2. How was the noise level?

            The first time we went, the noise was unbearable. We took heart when they added some sound-deadening panels and went back; it was better but still headache-producing.
            Has there been any improvement in the last year or so?

            (Both times the food was very good to excellent.)

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            1. re: Max Buten

              The noise level was ok. Definitely better than it was in the beginning. Still bustling but not deafening.

              1. re: Max Buten

                I went in May and didn't notice any problem with the noise level, food was excellent.