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Aug 10, 2006 05:58 PM

Phoenix hounds visiting Galveston & Clear Lake

We are considering purchasing a 2nd home and/or retiring to the Galveston/Clear Lake area, and really need to scope out the dining scene. As 'hounds, this is a critical need for our ultimate happiness living in any area.

Phoenix has finally grown to be a decent ethnic dining area, but we miss the water. And the seafood here is expensive and mediocre.

So - suggestions, please?

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    1. I grew up in Galveston and often return. Without a doubt the best seafood restaurant is Gaido's. It shares a kitchen with Casey's, which is lower end, and Pelican Club, which is higher end but requires an annual membership and is designed to keep out the tourists. I've dined at both Gaido's and Pelican Club and did not really notice a difference in the menu; the difference may just be that Pelican Club is for locals while Gaido's is for tourists.

      1. For casual upscale try Perry's Grill in Clear Lake. Been there a few times and the food quality never disappoints.

        1. I haven't eaten at Gaido's in years but was always pleased. Robb Walsh in the Press reviewed it last week which echos what I've heard from others:

          I've eaten more at Casey's in recent years and find it okay but not great; salads and sides are good but entrees can be disappointing. Desserts look good but I've never had room for one!

          Besides those two, Clary's on Teichmann Rd on the bay side of the island is a long time highly thought of restaurant but I've never been. I understand Mr. Clary used to be maitre'd at Gaidos.

          The old line places face a lot of competition from all the Landry's, Inc. units - Landry's, Joe's Crab Shack, Salt Grass Steak House and Willie G's. I'm not a big fan of Landry's Inc. restaurants but my choice would be Willie G's on Harborside Drive near the tall ship Elissa. Otherwise, I'd take my chances with the ones named above.

          On the mainland, Floyd's Cajun Boat on I-45 at Nasa Rd. 1 for Cajun. I think the best seafood in the whole area may be Top Water Grill in San Leon on the bay. I'm hoping to get down there for my second visit in the next week and will report back.

          The old fishing village of Kemah has been taken over by Landry's, Inc., also, as the Kemah Boardwalk.

          Any of these may be very good compared to what you can get of seafood in Phoenix though.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Any good Vietnamese, Thai, or Chinese to be had? Italian style, wood-fired thin crust pizza?

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              You're not really going to find these on Galveston. Maybe in Clear Lake where there's been a lot more development. Pretty much all the good restaurants in the area are seafood. For more information, I recommend the Houston Press.

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                There's a little Vietnamese restaurant called Pho 21 out near the UH Clear Lake on Bay Area Blvd. Good food and the owner is really nice. I hear that Pho Hoang on Nasa Rd. 1 is pretty good too. There are tons more Vietnamese places in Houston too.