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Aug 10, 2006 05:57 PM

Seeking Good Chinese Roast Pork in SF Chinatown (Only SF Chinatown)

Feining for some roast pork over rice in SF Chinatown. It would be even better if it's a sit down place rather than deli joint.

Thanks ahead.

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  1. Since no one step up and help you out I will try and see if I can. The two places I like best for Roast Pork not Roast Pig do not have seating or not in Chinatown.

    But of the two I would try New Moon on Stockton Street between Broadway and Pacific better pork but poor sitting area.

    Better sitting but not as good in my opinion is Yee's on Grant Ave also between Broadway and Pacific.

    Petty sure about the name New Moon but it something moon.

    Hope this helps. Good luck in you quest.

    1. New Moon has great roast pork and very good roast ducks. Its got a small seating area between their display counter and the back kitchen, they also have seating upstairs. Its a very decent place for this kind of cantonese food. I eat there all the time.

      1. Thanks guys! I will make a trek up to Chinatown for some pork love tomorrow and report back.

        1. I'm in agreement with both the pork and the duck at New Moon, but if you are looking for something more unapologetically fatty, try the Chinese BBQ pork version at Mon Kiang on Broadway. They'll serve it over rice, too.

          1. Well, made the 15 min. brisk walk from Fidi to New Moon. First impression was the deli was well lit, but the small eating area is a little kloogy and had to share a small table. Hey, who cares I'm here to enjoy some tasty pig. Ordered the roast pork over rice before even sitting down. While I was waiting for my food I saw they offer 2 BBQ items for merley $.75 more in the traditional pink Chinese take-out menu.

            I knew this place was legit when party of 10 Muni drivers all Asian walked in to enjoy their lunch.

            First came a large bowl of complementary broth of the day. I think it was mei choi pai gwa tong (dried mei greens with spareribs). It was a tasty and hot broth, a good start to the meal.

            The rice plate came shortly after the broth. The skin was absolutly great! Crispy light and full of flavor but the meat portition had too much fat. I know, I know, it's the way it's suppose to be. It was just a little too much for my liking. I preferrer 70% meat, 20% fat and 10% skin ratio and not 60 fat, 30 meat, 10 skin, at $4.50 I ain't complaining. The pork had very nice flavor to it, almost like a deep salty smoky flavor to the meat. Overall, I enjoyed it very much I would probably order the two item combo next time, as I was walking out someone ordered the duck noodle soup and the duck looked really good and fresh.

            Thanks for the rec. guys.