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Aug 10, 2006 05:56 PM

del taco - is it any good?

del taco has landed in detroit. they have opened two stores - one on the east side (roseville) and one on the west side (dearborn). i drove by the east side store today and it was pretty busy inside and at the drive through line. i have not seen any advertising, so maybe it is the newness factor attracting a local lunch crowd.

i have seen the chain out west but i have never been to one. are they any good? where does del taco fall in the spectrum of mexican chains taco bell, baja fresh, and chipotle?

help us out, west coast hounds...

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  1. More like Taco Bell than Chipotle or Baja Fresh, but I'd say better than Taco Bell. Cheap. Really cheap.

    1. It falls into cheap mexican gut fill... so Taco Bell...

      That being said, I would choose del taco over taco bell anyway (except when seeking a crunch wrap...LOL!). Del Taco has a much more interesting menu (Instead of recycling the same 5 ingredients that taco bell does... :P) and I THINK they actually cook their own beans (instead of the dehydrated crap Taco Bell uses). Also, I've heard that their Fish Tacos, Fish Burritos and Tacos al Carbon are rather tasty.


      1. I like thier french fries!

        1. I love their plain jane crunchy tacos because I dig their mild taco sauce, also like the taco cheese. The Tacos al carbon are excellent, particularly the steak. Love their shakes too, use real ice cream. They also have an item I order that's not on the menu, a small chicken salad and it's so good. It's shredded fresh (not bagged) lettuce, chopped tomato, chopped grilled chicken with a little bit of this ranch-like white dressing. They serve it with tortilla chips as garnish. Simple, but very good!

          1. They use cheddar (not plastic) the quesedillas are good. I get a plain one and a small red and a small green burrito.