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Aug 10, 2006 05:55 PM

Cool places in Hanoi [moved from South Asia board]

Anyone know of some restaurants/bars that have good food but equally cool atmosphere?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Sofitel Metropole hotel. It's perfect.

      1. Check out A lot of street food but this Hanoi-resident couple also reviews bars, cafes, restos, etc.

        1. I am also looking for good food in Hanoi... not necesarily a cool atmosphere, but something more local. I am here for 3 days, so I'm hoping to get in a few good meals. Thanks!

          1. Hi

            The Metropole is the the place to stay. It has a great location and the Vietnamese restaurant in the hotel has always been very good. It has been a few years since my last visit but they used to have a lunch buffet where they would bring vendors from the street making very traditional Vietnam "street food" and you could just walk around amongst them and choose what you liked. The hygenic conditions were up to the hotel's standards so it was a great way to sample a lot of the local food without the dangers of eating off the streets.

            The other don't miss place is Cha Ca LaVong. Every cab driver and hotel concierge knows this place. It is a long standing treadion in Hanoi. There is only one thing on the menu a local fresh water fish cooked with dill and other herbs and served with noodles and other condiments. It may sound strange but it is an excellent dish and one that you will see copied by other restaurants but Cha Ca La Vong's is far and away the best version. I guess if you are only going to serve one thing you had better get it right.

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              I think the coolest atmosphere is the streets of Hanoi - Vietnamese food where it's meant to be eaten. Try Ngo Dong Xuan, an alleyway behind the Dong Xuan market.

              Ok, but I get your point. Two suggestion (I'm assuming you want Viet food). One: There are two locations of Highway 4. Here's their website with both addresses: If it's a nice night try the rooftop. The second is called Chim Sao and it's at 65 Ngo Hue. Website: Chim Sao also doubles as an art gallery.

              If you want a funky place for eggs benny and a cafe latte, try Puku on Hang Trong.

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                Like most poster here, I agree the street is the place to eat. We tried several restaurants without much luck with one exception which I would encourage you to try. Brothers Cafe, near the Old Quarter, is very atmospheric. Its in an old and restored Buddhist Temple, outdoor seating.