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Aug 10, 2006 05:44 PM

Chicken Korma Recipe?

Hi everyone,

I am planning to cook Chicken korma. Has anyone got a nice recipe?


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  1. I looked in my Indian books and there was no kormas. There is a lamb keema which is pretty close in Suvir Saran's Indian Home Cooking. So I got curious and Googled Chicken Korma and many recpies came up from all over. They all have slight variations but are pretty similar over all.

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      I have cooked korma (kurma) before using a, I hate to admit, ready made sauce. This time I wanted to cook from scratch. I searched too and found very many recipes. Rather than trying to pick one out, it would be ideal if someone had one that was great. Korma/Kurma can be found in Northern India (where I've eaten it).


      This is a great site for Indian or Pakitani recipes. I've been told that these recipes are very authentic though the organization of the website is not so great. Enjoy!


      1. I have a Madhur Jaffrey book here at home (From Curries to Kebabs) and it offers 3 styles of Korma, Indian, Bangladeshian and Malaysian...the one from Bangladesh calls for two pretty exotic ingredients, namely rose water and screw pine water. The Malaysian version is a little different, more spices and the use of coconut milk. I cannot post the actual recipes here due to copyright laws but you could seek out this cookbook in your library if you are so inclined.