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Aug 10, 2006 05:43 PM

Indigo Landing for brunch?

My hubby and I are celebrating our 17th anniversary this weekend and would like a lovely brunch without going downtown. Has anyone been to Indigo Landing for brunch? It's $30 a head. I've read mixed reviews of I.L. Thank you in advance!

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  1. There was a long and detailed thread from June, 2006 that I found with a search for my post on I.L. (see below from May 20906) that was buried in another thread. Don't know about the prix fixe brunch.

    Previous Post . . .

    We had a good lunch at Indigo Landing recently. Caveat -- i can't say I have ever had authentic lowcountry cuisine, so my comments are not relative to any standard, just how I perceived the food.

    Oyster stew app was rich and buttery, but needed a little zip, or at least salt. Not bad, just needed a little more. As posted above, fried green tomatoes were good. Shrimp and grits were really good. Grits had nice flavor and weren't too heavy. Shrimp could have benefited from a little less time on the grill. Other entree was rockfish, which looking back actually looked more like the skate wing from the menu. It was good, but not exceptional. As for the sides, the collards were outstanding -- smokey and bacony but with nice collardy taste without too much of the strong taste that comes from being cooked for so long. Hoppin John was tasty too -- buttery with nice texture from the black eyes, but again could have used a little zip. For desert the home style chocolate cake was good as was the banana desert.

    Service was uneven and we were left to wait an eternity at the end of the meal even though we said we were in a rush to get going. That said, it was only their second day serving lunch.

    I would definitely go back and with a nice view of the water looking North to the city, it might make for a nice place to take tourist friends that are more inclined for a restaurant with a view.

    1. Yes, I read that thread very thoroughly. Unfortunately, it doesn't mention the brunch, which is what I'm specifically interested in. Thus my post. So has anyone been to brunch? Thanks in advance!