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Aug 10, 2006 05:35 PM

Food at Beerfest??

Does anyone know what type of food there is available at the Beer Fest? I heard Rodney's Oysters is sometimes there, but what else is there?

If anyone has two spare tix for Saturday, I'd also be willing to buy them (we have two idiot friends who waited until the last minute to buy them)

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  1. I went a couple of years ago and got some fantastic south american food - grilled meat, rice, plantain
    There is always ribs, but sometimes the line up for them is just not worth it.

    1. I've eaten the pulled pork sandwich which was excellent.... mind you, I was quite hammered. I don't even know where I bought it from. Maybe it was the beer making it 'excellent' as well. I also tried the oysters from some booth with a couple of arrogant servers. Small, old and fishy. I think I was sober when I ate the oysters!