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Aug 10, 2006 05:23 PM

Great Indian Food in TO

The best Indian food I've had in TO is at a friend's house - his homecooking. Does anyone have any recs on great indian food in TO, from cheap to expensive. I ate at the Indian Rice Factory several years ago. I remember it being good, but I'm sure there's better and I've also heard there's a lot of good reasonable family run restaurants in Scarborough, Gerrard and around the airport.
Also, does anyone know of any good indian cooking classes, preferably vegetarian, but not mandatory.


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  1. The best Indian I know of in Toronto is in the North end. There is Cuisine of India at Yonge North of Sheppard and The Indian Kitchen on Yonge, North of Steeles (at Clarke). The second was opened by someone who worked at Cuisine of India.

    Neither of these places ever disappoints and both have a great variety of food. They are far, far superior to Indian Rice Factory.

    Sorry, I don't know of any Indian cooking classes.

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      Thanks, both are convenient for me and I don't doubt that they are better than the Indian Rice Factory :)

    2. Check out Bonnie Stern and dish for their cooking classes - pretty sure they both offer ones for Indian cuisine and for vegetarian cooking (not sure about both combined).

      1. George Brown College used to do one and Dish advertised one a while back where you went with the instructor to market to get ingredients and then back to dish to cook it.

        1. I've heard good things about the Healthy Gourmet Indian Cooking Classes- now offered in TO (they used to be only Oakville, ON). Their website is: I met Arvinda's daughter Preena at the Good Food Festival and Market this past year and was smitten by their Chai- SO good. The family has food in the veins!

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