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Aug 10, 2006 04:38 PM

Target enameled pots?

Does anyone own one? I've decided I need a smaller enamel pot (I own a 9 qt Le Creuset), but can't afford a LC or Batali model. I saw one at Target and was thinking maybe others have tried?

Other options are of course Copco or waiting around to find a deal on an LC on line or at a flea market, but I'm trying to round out my options.

Anyone had luck with Target?

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  1. LOL! Honestly girlie, I give you so much props for using that 9qt... I barely have the gumption to deal with our 7qt! I mostly use our 5qt...

    The ones I saw recently at my Target were all Chipped!! From just being on the shelves! Gosh knows how bad they'd get knocking around my kitchen!!

    I saw the ones at Ikea this weekend, good size and the enamel seemed to be a LITTLE better... The Ikea in Carson is RIGHT next door to a huge Target, you could probably do a very quick compare and contrast.

    But honestly, I think the BEST thing to do is wait for the Le Crueset sale this fall (I think it MIGHT be in November). The outlet is NOT far at all (In the City of Commerce) and you'll get a real LC (For an absolute STEAL) and in the color matching your biggie... :)



    1. Gasp! I forgot the Citadel is close to me now! Thanks for reminding me that I live on the opposite side of LA from where I grew up.

      1. Hello,
        I am going to add a new post now about how to get Le Crueset cookware at 40% off twice a year. If I add it hear, I am afraid it would not maximize/be as widely read. I will title my post "How to locate/purchase Le Crueset cookware on sale".

        1. A good alternative to LC is the French-made Staub Basix line sold on (search for Staub), which I learned about originally a couple years ago from a post here on CH. They're basic enameled cast iron Dutch ovens, more like LC in design than the high-end Staub; I have a green 5 qt. that I've been very pleased with. Its heft and construction seem very similar to my LC pot, but when I bought it I got it for around $50. They have a few sizes. Granted, you can't size it up in person, but as I said, I've been very pleased with the quality and the prices are great.

          1. Check out ebay. Great deals on Copco from time to time!