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Aug 10, 2006 04:30 PM

Best Thai food in LA?

Probably been covered a million times. But I have not been in to Thai until my recent trip to Vancouver (where the Thai is amazing). I am coming back to LA with intense cravings but no idea where to go. I live in Hollywood, but am willing to drive. What are your top picks?

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  1. Hi there,

    In the West LA area I like Tuk Tuk Thai. There was a post earlier about great thai food near westwood.

    However since you are in Hollywood, you're very close to Thai Town where a lot of good Thai food is. My favorites being Red Corner and Rodded for their duck noodle soup and fried bananas.

    See this previous post as well =

    1. I've spent a lot of time in Thailand, all over the country, so I think I have a reasonably good idea about Thai food. I have yet to find any outside of Thailand that holds up to what I've eaten there. But, that said, some of the best I've found outside of Thailand has been here in L.A. Here are my three current favorites:

      Yai - 5757 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood

      Wat Thai - 8225 Coldwater Canyon (at Roscoe), North Hollywood - only on Saturday and Sunday days

      Renu Nakorn - 13041 E. Rosecrans, Norwalk (I've heard it's closing for remodelling at the end of August.)

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      1. re: estone888

        I've accumulated years in Thailand, and have been living in Bangkok since March.
        But, I have been told that my opinion on Thai food is lacking by LA standards.

        I Really like Wat Thai.
        Although there are hits and misses, this is real Thai.

        1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

          I also like Wat Thai for their papaya salads and mango sticky rice. I've been around Thailand they taste authentic.

      2. Ayara on 87th St in the Westchester Triangle is the Grubs’ current “best l’il Thai restaurant in LA.” Menu has all of the classic sit-down Thai restaurant favorites, each prepared perfectly & to the Thai palate. One of us Grubs has one of their soaring curries on each visit. Because it is, um, off the beaten path, parking (free street or public lot) & waiting are seldom a problem. Routine stop for Thai Airways flight crews.

        For more adventurous Thai street food cuisine, you have 2 great options:
        Wat Thai Temple (weekends only at Coldwater/Roscoe in SFV), or
        Pot luck at almost any spot in Thai Town on E Hwood Blvd. Ruen Pair is the Grubs’ first choice, for papaya salad, duck stuff like soup & egg noodles, & omelets. But lots of other Thai Town places serve up amazing free-wheeling dishes.

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        1. re: Mr Grub

          Thanks for the rec Mr. Grub! I'll be trying it soon! I've had major Thai cravings and the one near here (in the hughes center) really stinks...


          1. re: Mr Grub

            Wow, so you are saying this is great Thai food AND a "Routine stop for Thai Airways flight crews"? Nuff' said, I am there 24 hours a day now!!!!

            Gotta start practicing: "sawat-dee! sabai dee mai kaa? khun chue arai kaa?"

            1. re: Mr Grub

              Ate again at Ayara this past weekend, and I love it. Really fresh food with clear flavors, rather than simply a spicy (or not so) mosh. And the people running the place do seem nice as well.

              Won't claim it the best in LA, since I haven't widely sampled, but can't ask for better from a small neighborhood Thai.

            2. Ruen Pair is closed right now for expansion, but I've been to most of the "best" Thai restaurants in LA and RP stands up to all of them. It's in the same plaza as Palms (which is way overrated) and Red Corner (which, in my opinion, is terrible and watered down) on Hollywood.

              Saap Coffeshop a few blocks down has great jade noodles, and Sanamuluang (I know I spelled it wrong) is good for late night, though I think its glory days have passed it by.

              Renu Nakorn is also great, but you have to drive. They've got some serious spice though if you're in the mood.

              1. in Hollywood, I would hit Ruen Pair, but as previously mentioned, it is closed right now. Rodded would be second choice unless it is later in the day and then Sanamluang becomes a better option.

                For low-key, almost just-like-back-in-Muang Thai food, I'd try Sri Siam in NoHo (although the waitstaff isn't always in a super helpful mood, many of the specials listed only in Thai on the whiteboard are very Thai dishes). I am a bit like a broken record about this place, but they have it about as close to the right feel as I have found. One waitress there told us it wasn't exactly the same because there are just some ingredients that are unavailable or unavailable at quality in the necessary quantity - but they usually don't dumb down the flavors.

                That said, I also think Krua Thai in NoHo is great for noodle dishes. They have been a bit inconsistent, but the pad thai Krua Thai is one of my top Thai dishes in LA.

                And, of course, the Wat is the most 'authentic' experience of Thai street food you can find in LA. During the summer, when it is 104 degrees out there, it REALLY starts to feel like Thailand. My only quibble with the Wat is that the drink selection is seriously lacking. Weak lemonade, instead of a true nam manoa (or even just fresh lemons or limes would do), blaah iced coffee, etc.