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Aug 10, 2006 04:23 PM

Could Bukowski's be in trouble

I walked by Bukowski's in Inman Square the other night and noticed that they had "House Recipe" ketchup bottles on the tables. I know this to be food distributor Sysco's private label ketchup ( ), and usually when a restaurant switches from Heinz to this it's because they're trying to save every last penny that they can. Could this be a leading indicator of Bukowski's demise?

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  1. I believe they've always used the House Recipe ketchup. At least the location in BB.

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    1. re: cweingarten

      So they've always been cheap. I guess I never noticed it before.

      1. re: Blumie

        Cheap is an understatement. They totally over charge for their beers and food. Also, they serve their draft beers with a huge head as to serve less actual beer.

        1. re: ponyboy

          Yeah they're really overcharging their customers for that $1.69 daily burger special. Highway robbery I tell ya!

          1. re: Dax

            $1.69 for burger and patty. Fries, cheese, etc... are extra.

            $6 bucks for the saddest basket of sweet potato fries is just insane.

    2. yeah, I've never seen anything but house recipe. Anyway, with what they charge for beer and the amount of kids drinking there on the weekends, I see no reason to worry.

      1. Unfortunately, I think they are doing ok. There were rumors that they were closing down the Cambridge location last fall, but that never materialized. Last I heard, the owners are opening another location (probably not called Buk's) in Kenmore - more upscale, so expect even higher prices, bigger heads on your beer, and classical and jazz blasted at levels where you can't think. ;-)

        They are cheap a$$ ripoff artists though with their short pours (and fake bottomed pint glasses). You are lucky to get a 10 oz "pint" there. Stone pulled their beers out of Buk's when they wanted to charge $6 for a little over a half a pint for Arogant Bastard. I also heard that the owners (from NY I think where they also own bars) are so tight with money that they actually weigh their kegs each night to determine how much money should have been collected. And you will never see them pull a beer for being stale. One time I was in there and the cask beer had turned - had to talk to the mgr in order to get it replaced, and he agreed that it had turned bad. Replaced my beer, but contiunued to serve it to other unsuspecting victims.

        1. I really like Bukowski's, they're comfortable/convenient and unique. I've never had any of their food beyond the hotdog at the Back Bay location but this is great IMO. The beer is expensive but that could be said for the Publick House, the Sunset beer spots, most anywhere that had decent beer in the city. Boston would definitely be worse off without the two Bukowski's, from my perspective.

          1. Burgers I've had there have ranged from good to hockey-puck quality. As for the beer, I play it cheap and get the Brubaker 16 oz bottles. Everytime I go, seems like the same Pavement album is on, and the player skips at least a couple times.

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            1. re: wontonton

              I'm not a fan of their burgers either.

              1. re: Dax

                I vaguely recall that years ago people used to rate Bukowski's in the Back Bay as having a great burger. Am I remembering wrong?