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Aug 10, 2006 03:38 PM

Poaching Bartlett Pears Instead of Bosc

I have a great recipe for Bosc pears poached in white wine, then served with mascapone, chocolate sauce, and caramel sauce (it's from Chocolatier magazine). Problem is that I just found out that Bosc pears are not in season, so I bought Bartlett. Will it work ? Anything to watch out for ? I'm having company for dinner this evening, so a quick response would be great.

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  1. The Bartlett pears will get soft, mushy, and mealy. Honestly, the recipe you describe is more a fall dessert dish. Being in the middle of summer, with all the fresh berries out there, I would suggest something different. With the time you would spend peeling and poaching those pears, consider strawberry shortcake (less time baking shortcakes) or a single-pan cobbler with nectarines and blueberries.

    Just my thoughts...

    1. Bartlett is a good all-purpose pear. You can poach them if they are not too ripe.

      1. Yes, Bartletts will work. You'll lose something in flavour and texture and you'll need to keep a closer eye on them while poaching, especially if they're ripe (slightly underripe is best).

        1. Definitely try the recipe again when Boscs are in season. I struggled to get pear tarte tatin right and only when I used Boscs did it come together as it should.

          1. WOW! Thanks for all the quick responses. Carrie's response made me think that I could instead make a fruit tart, but unfortunately I will have to stick with the pears as my company is super picky about food, and the pears were blessed by her (for the main course I have to avoid, fish, veggies, onions, tomatoes, and a bunch of other things). I don't know how she would take to berries.

            I have made ths dish many times before with Bosc pears, and it always is superb. I did try it once with Granny Smith apples, and they got mushy and mealy.

            Oh well if this flops it will be Grand Marnier Soufflee for dessert instead.

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              I'm pleased to report that the Bartlett pears turned out just fine; they were not mealy or mushy. Thanks for the timing advice, carswell; they were done after 20 minutes as opposed to the recipe's 35-40 minutes for Bosc pears.