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Aug 10, 2006 03:36 PM


Has anyone tried this new Mexican place at John and Mercer?

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  1. Check out the latest edition of Toronto Life. They have a commentary about the restaurant in the review section. Has anyone been? Any comments on the food?

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        1. I'm interesed in knowing too

          dishes from Mexico City should different from what we're used to

          1. We went on a week night - the restaurant was at maybe 25% capacity.

            Service was excellent - we chatted with Sebastian the bartender who was very helpful in selecting our drinks. I was initially sceptical about the frozen Margaritas but ended up ordering the Tamarind Margarita - delicious, loaded with alcohol but a tad on the sweet side.

            One of the owner/brothers manages the floor while the other oversees the kitchen.

            We ordered a variety of ceviches and "botanas" tapas style (ranging from duck to sauteed huitlacoche mushrooms to tuna, a pulled pork entree served on a banana leaf as well as a house salad for closers. I didn't take notes (I ate out every night last week and the menus are blurred), but we found all the food to be excellently prepared, well-plated and delicious except for the rather pedestrian standard mesclun salad - bleccch. We were all very pleased with the masa-based tortillas served on the side

            We did not order from the wine list as I protested the mark-up $54 for a Marques de Riscal red Rioja - zoinks. Not uncommon in restos I know, but we went for a pitcher of Sangria instead. We ordered a Sangria made with bourbon and peach schnapps(!). Again, it was a delightfully refreshing complement to some of the heavier foods and highly recommended as an alternative to the usual boring cabs and rosees.

            I eat locally at Dos Amigos, Tacos El Asador, and El Trompo fairly regularly because of the balance of value, quality and taste and found Milagro to be a great (but obviously pricier) alternative. I am always suspicious of people complaining when they feel certain ethnic restos are not "authentic" enough(although Milagro uses Nestle Chocolate Abuelita - how authentic is that?)

            You should check out Milagro less for authenticity and more for their bold spins on traditional Mexican food in a slick space - designed by the same folks who did the Drake, I believe.