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Aug 10, 2006 03:33 PM

Dinner in Libertyville/Abbott Park

Will be in the area for a couple of days next week; struggled to find a decent hotel and am now turning my attention to food. Any suggestions for above average eats? Fave cuisines include ethnic (Indian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican) and style (classic Chicago, bistro, etc).

I wont have a car, so will need somewhere not far from Libertyville if possible. Budget no issue.

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  1. Hi,
    I have a few recs for you:
    in Lake Forest, just a bit south of Abbott Park:
    -Sushi Kushi Toyo- one of the best shushi places around
    -Bank Lane Bistro- downtown- nice classic bistro food
    in Libertyville, downtown on Milwaukee ave:
    -The Tavern- classic, fun decor and great wine list
    -Trattoria Palmagiano (sp?)- italian (supposedly there is still a grandma back in the kitch making sauce)
    in Lincolnshire (a bit more of a hike- go south on Milwaukee ave just past rt 22):
    - Wildfire (steaks)
    - Flemings (also steaks)
    - Great Lakes Fish House

    Have Fun

    1. I work in the area, and downtown Libertyville is a cute little area and also agree with the post above for Tavern on Milwaukee Ave. They are only open for dinner, but their sister restaurant next door, Firkens is good for a quick lunch (burgers, pastas etc).

      Battaio on Milwaukee (1000 block of) is a nice italian place. Open for both lunch and dinner, fair prices and good food.

      1. My advice would be for you to stay out of most of the Waukegan/Park City and North Chicago if you want any good food. And unless you desire national chain restaurant food, than Gurnee is chain central if that's your taste with close to 100 chains.

        I agree with the above posters that Libertyville & Vernon Hills are your best options close to Abbotland. Lincolnshire is another 15-20 minutes of drive, but has great options like Wildfire & Carlucci's (now renamed)& Walker Bros pancake house.

        My additions to the local list are:
        American: Mickey Finn's Brewpub, they do their own hand crafted beers & are known for great burgers.
        Thai: Thai Noodle cafe is decent
        Steak: Jimmy's Charhouse- might be the best steakhouse nearby (for at least 10 miles)they should be very Abbott friendly since its just down the street on Buckley.
        French Bistro: Cafe Pyrenees has recently moved to Buckley & Milwaukee also very close to Abbott.
        Breakfast: Wildberry also on Buckley & Milwaukee

        All the Chinese options in Lake County are lousy.

        The Mexican food here is very 1st generation Durango style cooking, with no upscale stuff, but some alright places. You'll probably hear about El Norte, but in my opinion its very over rated and not consistent. Your better off with Pepe's on Greenbay & Grand, which is a local Chicago area chain, not mind blowing but decent, owner Mike Steele runs a tight ship at the Waukegan location.

        1. thanks all....went to Jimmy's Charhouse and found it to be very enjoyable. Had a couple of appetizers rather than a main course (wasnt too hungry); the Filet Mignon bites, which came with a yoghurt sauce and were delicious, and the spicy buffalo wings, coated in BBQ sauce, which were great also. Good atmosphere in the bar and would highly recommend to others.

          1. Glad you enjoyed it, I particularly like their version of shrimp DeJonge.