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Aug 10, 2006 03:07 PM

One night in Portland -- Help for a Boston Chowhound!

Hello Portland Chowhounds!

We'll be coming to Portland in mid-September, but sadly only for one night, and unfortunately, it's a Monday, probably limiting some of our dining options.

We'd love an upscale place with a great vibe and inspired food. If any of you are familiar with Boston/Cambridge at all -- I'm looking for someplace that would compare with a Craigie Street Bistro, a Radius, an Oleana, or even a more downscale hip place with fabulous food, like an East Coast Grill. Money isn't really an inhibitor, but would probably like to keep our meal (for two) under $250. We're also going to be staying at the Kimpton's 5th Avenue Suites. So any recommendations near there for breakfast the next day would be cool too. Thanks all!!!

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  1. Breakfast near the 5th Avenue Suites could be Mothers Bistro on Stark & 2nd.

    Dinner in the Pearl District would be nice-
    Fenouil is my favorite right now- you can get there on the streetcar.
    Bluehour is a favorite for visitors..on 13th & Everett..

    This should get your list started :)

    1. A few Monday suggestions: Wildwood, Olea, Fenouil, Carlyle, and Paley's. All of these have a good combination of nice digs and high end food. They're also all in more or less the same part of town just north of where you'll be staying by less than a mile, probably, still on the west side of the river. Most of them are very accessible by Portland Streetcar and a short walk.

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        1. If you're not blowing -- I mean spending -- more than $50 on wine with dinner, you'll be hard-pressed to go over $250 for two people in Portland.

          BTW, the food at Red Star, which is in the 5th Ave Suites, isn't bad at all. I wouldn't recommend it above any of the aforementioned spots, but if you're pressed for time for breakfast it'll do in a pinch.

          1. You might want to try Ken's Artisan Baking on NW 21st and Flanders for croissants. They also have great sandwiches and salads.