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Box lunches in San Francisco

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I am looking for a few recommendations for box lunches for 20 or so people. My budget is about $15 per person. I used to use Desiree which provided a nice box lunch but I heard that they have gone out of business. Any ideas?

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  1. What about bento boxes? They have them at Delica in the Ferry Building and I'm sure many other places around town. I think the price is right around your budget.

      1. Delessio does a box lunch and will deliver for a fee.

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          I second Delessio. South side of Market near Valencia (near Flax art supplies). They have awesome choc. cake, very hearty/meaty sandwiches like muffaleta - classices really. Great complex salads - it's sophisticated and people can have a lot of choices, and I think they would be happy to accompodate diet and health considerations.

        2. My company always uses Birley's in Embarcadero 4 for our boxed lunch orders. It comes with a choice of their many delicious sandwiches, salad (pasta, greek or fruit), dessert (cookie or brownie) and a drink of choice. $10.95/each


          1. How about those Indian lunchbox delivery things they have in the South Bay? They look quite awesome.

            My friend Watt tried to start one up here a few years back but being up at 6AM to make Indian food conflicted with his late night drinking agenda.

            1. Tao Yin in the Mission is my fave Asian delivery restaurant. They sell both Chinese and Japanese food. They do have Chinese common items by the pound - like chow mein, fried rice, quite a few dishes, actually. I especially like their sushi and bento boxes. Inexpensive and I especially love their salmon (Sake) rolls.