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Aug 10, 2006 03:07 PM

Box lunches in San Francisco

I am looking for a few recommendations for box lunches for 20 or so people. My budget is about $15 per person. I used to use Desiree which provided a nice box lunch but I heard that they have gone out of business. Any ideas?

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  1. What about bento boxes? They have them at Delica in the Ferry Building and I'm sure many other places around town. I think the price is right around your budget.

      1. Delessio does a box lunch and will deliver for a fee.

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          I second Delessio. South side of Market near Valencia (near Flax art supplies). They have awesome choc. cake, very hearty/meaty sandwiches like muffaleta - classices really. Great complex salads - it's sophisticated and people can have a lot of choices, and I think they would be happy to accompodate diet and health considerations.

        2. My company always uses Birley's in Embarcadero 4 for our boxed lunch orders. It comes with a choice of their many delicious sandwiches, salad (pasta, greek or fruit), dessert (cookie or brownie) and a drink of choice. $10.95/each

          1. How about those Indian lunchbox delivery things they have in the South Bay? They look quite awesome.

            My friend Watt tried to start one up here a few years back but being up at 6AM to make Indian food conflicted with his late night drinking agenda.