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Aug 10, 2006 02:56 PM

Looking for good Breakfast Place in Portland

We're going up to Portland for a Saturday afternoon wedding and are much interested in recs for a good breakfast place that will be open on Sunday morning.

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  1. I predict an onslaught of recommendations for Becky's Diner, which is fine if you are looking for blueberry pancakes in a diner-syle atmosphere on Commercial Street in Portland. That being offered, if you are looking for something more "upscale" I would recommend Mim's, also on Commercial Street - though central to the Old Port section of town for shopping. Bintliff's on Portland street adjacent to the Post Office is another great choice, though its a bit out of the way unless you happen to be transitting Forest Ave that morning. There are no shortage of favorite neighborhood eateries that I am sure others will chime in with...

    1. I've been to Bintliff's for Sunday Breakfast/Brunch only once, and maybe it was an off day. But the food was pretty bad. And overpriced. Unless someone can tell you that things have improved in the past year or so, I'd steer clear of Bintliff's. It's often the first place people mention when discussing brunch in Portland, and I suspect people go there because they don't know of other options.

      1. I like Pat's on Stevens Ave for brunch. I think they open at 9am.....yum!

        1. Do try Artemisia Cafe on Pleasant St. for breakfast (or lunch), a small neighborhood eatery offering some very well prepared and tasty food.

          1. We had breakfast at the Porthole Restaurant, on Commercial Street near the Ferry Dock, last Saturday. It was great. And the location right on the wharf is very pleasant.

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            1. re: Jerry Saywell

              second porthole--it's a pretty laid-back place where you can get a VERY hearty breakfast

              1. re: cervisiam

                I'll third porthole--it's a dive, yes, but we enjoyed it.

              2. re: Jerry Saywell

                I am always amazed when people like the Porthole. Heavy emphasis on HOLE here. The place is a dive, and the food is just o.k. The oatmeal is made with quick oats. I'm unimpressed, and think this dump is WAY overrated. I think its the worst breakfast in Portland, and would rather go to Mim's, Bintliff's, Becky's, or even Big Mamas. Haven't tried Artemisia for breakfast, but I will. Their lunch is lovely!

                1. re: MangiaMuse

                  to each his/her own--i like divey locales better than chichi places.

                  1. re: MangiaMuse

                    My impression of Porthole is that it can vary wildly depending on who shows up to cook breakfast and whether the staff was out partying the night before. Not just in terms of service or quality of cooking, but what is actually cooked. I've had smack-down fine food there and lackluster food there. I like the divey atmosphere, but I'd consider it faux divey.

                    1. re: Karl S

                      I like that expression--faux divey! You are right--not a true dive anymore. Too trendy.