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Aug 10, 2006 02:39 PM

Best of Edmonton

Thought it would be good to compile a best of for Edmonton: Your Favourites

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  1. Might be easier with some categories...what do you like in a restaurant or market? Here are a couple of my favourites not on the list of usual suspects that get discussed on the board:

    Favourite wine store: Bin 104 just north of 51st Ave on Calgary Trail, a smaller independent store with interesting selection. Staff are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about wine, with complete lack of pretention, and I always get good food pairing advice.

    Favourite Vietnamese: Trang Tien on Jasper. You would never go there for the service, or sparkling cleanliness, or because it was a safe pleasant area for an evening stroll. Only for the food. House special soup is fiery and sustaining, vermicelli bowls are well composed (like the beef balls wrapped in leaves), steamed tapioca dumplings are yummy, and lettuce/sprouts are crunchy and fresh year round - which in our town is notable, unfortunately. Also like the shrimp meatballs grilled on sugarcane. Admit some sentimental attachment because this is where I learned to eat sugarcane, by sucking out the juice and spitting out the pulp. Very very good.

    1. Some of my favorites include Piccolino's for italian, Spago for Portuguese, Furosato and Mikado for Japanese-although a fellow Chowhound has recommended Wasabi which I am looking forward to trying.

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        1. Check out Cafe de Ville on 124 Street in the Gallery District. Amazing french-inspired continental fare and great atmosphere! If you like Lebanese, Parkallen's (different locations) is unbeatable west of Toronto and they have great pizza too. One of the mst fun restos in the city is without a doubt Julio's Barrio on Whyte Avenue. I have had better mexican food, sure, but it's good and the atmosphere is really fun.

          For a fancy night out, check out La Ronde at the Radisson Hotel.It reminds me of the 360 at CN Tower, but with better food, way better prices and..... a less spectacular view!

          1. Here's my two cents:

            Sushi: Sho-gun at corner of Jasper and 121st St. Consistent quality. Have been disappointed with Furatsato at times.

            Breakfast/Brunch: Zuppa Cafe on 110St at 99thAVe. Tasty homemade cinnamon buns and Kicking Horse coffee. The three egg omelet (though more like a hash) is pretty tasty too. I have heard great things about Urban diner but have not been yet.

            Eclectic Gourmet: Culina's (kitty corner to Rte 99 diner) --never disappoints. The tiny wine bar next door is a great place for a pre-dinner drink.

            $$$ Special Occasion dinner: Hardware Grill.

            Best Cheese Counter: Italian Grocery Store on 95th St. Always will give you a sample and friendly helpful staff, plus has a fantastic olive selection at fraction of price at the grocery store.

            Cafe: Ledo Cafe on 111th St at about 79th st (close to U of A hospital). Tasty panini sandwiches and pizzas. The gelati is awesome, though limited selection. Coffee is superb as well. be prepared for a line up during hte week at lunch time.

            Sweet potato french fries (very addictive): Dadeo on Whyte Ave has the best but Blue Plate Diner is a close second.