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Aug 10, 2006 02:37 PM

231 Ellsworth... any thoughts

someone suggested this place for a nice, romantic b-day dinner on the Peninsula. Menu looks good online, but was wondering if anyone else has been there and what it was like... thanks!

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  1. I highly recommend 231. I ate there last month and I thought it was excellent. Between us, we had the fig/melon starter, the scallops and young lettuces middle courses, and the pork loin. The pork loin was served with a cassolet, which I don't usually like but this was incredibly good. And I don't know where they got that blue cheese that comes with the lettuce but it was amazing. Everything was delicious.

    When I first looked at the menu I was somewhat hesitant to go there, as I've found that a lot of restaurants with those type of menu items -- creations made from diverse, and sometimes unlikely, combinations of ingredients -- fail miserably at creating anything except for pretentiousness. However, some chowish friends told me that they thought 231 was the best restaurant on the Peninsula. They might be right.

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      the fig starter and the scallop middle were the two that I know my hubby would love. thanks for the comment and i will report back after the dinner.

    2. I went back in April and thought the food was quite good, but the decor and service were a bit to be desired. We had the tasting menu.