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Aug 10, 2006 02:36 PM

Need business dinner recommendations in SF

I'm treating an out-of-town client and his wife to dinner next Saturday and need some suggestions on a good restaurant to go. Don't know what their palate can take so don't want to take them to any truly ethnic places (and find out they can't eat anything). Good wine list would be a great plus. Looking to spend around $300 for four people. Any suggestions? TIA!

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    1. Rubicon has a great wine list and is a good place for a business dinner. I've been there with clients who really liked it. Boulevard would be good too, but it can get loud at times. Rubicon's a little quieter.

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        Yeah, can't beat the wine list at Rubicon, and there are dishes to suit a variety of tastes.

      2. Ditto for both those reccs. Aqua would be another good choice for business entertaining. Nice wine list, and they offer a seasonal tasting menu with wine pairing.

        1. I've had a disproportionate number of business dinners at Silk's, in the Mandarin Oriental hotel. It's fusion, but nowhere near the wild side.

          Menus online:

          1. These are all good recommendations. I'd especially ditto the Boulevard recommendation and add Zuni as another option.