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Aug 10, 2006 02:32 PM

Food at Dragon Boat races?

I am thinking about attending this weekend and was wondering if there are any vendors selling food...looked at some older posts on this board (from 2004) and the consensus seemed to be no food. Has anything changed since then? Did anyone go last year? If not, can someone reccomend a good spot nearby-I know there must be many great spots but I just don't know the area.

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  1. If you walk north from the lake passing under the LIE, you'll get to the soccer fields. They usually have Central and South American food vendors there. From there, if you bear north east (walking towards the Home Depot billboard) and exit in the proximity of the new swimming pool they're building and walk couple of blocks east - that will put you on the Main street Flushing.

    another possibility is to walk straight west from the lake and that will bring you to Rego Park, where you can find many russian places. I've only done that once and I remember the blocks were not straight and very long, so you really need to pick the exact area you're going to and have a map of the area.

    1. From the website at

      "With over 100 teams and 1,000+ participants competing from around the World, this Year we celebrate the "Year of the Rooster." This much anticipated world-class, multi cultural event features two exciting days of Dragon Boat Racing, wonderful performances and an ethnic food court."

      1. I was just told by a chowbuddy that the food sold by the vendors there is pretty lousy.

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          I dragged my toddler and husband there in scorching heat and horrific humidity last year and can vouch firsthand for what your chowbuddy had to say- really limited, crappy, greasy Chinese food that had sat out in the sun for way too long..... Eat before or after.

          1. re: ZenFoodist

            So sorry I didn't check the board again before I went. Food situation was indeed terrible. A regular street fair is gourmet by comparison. Oh well, at least we had a day in the sun with good weather.