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Aug 10, 2006 02:27 PM

New Ray's the Steaks attire?

We're having dinner at the new Silver Springs
Ray's the Classics next Saturday night.
We've read a few food reviews but nothing in
re to what's appropriate to wear. Is the
dress code the same as Ray's Arlingon location
(buisness casual – meaning trousers w/ golf shirt for men
(coat optional); pants/casual dress for women)?
All feedback is appreciated.

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  1. Ray's the Classics (Silver Spring) is definitely snazzier than Ray's the Steaks (Arlington).

    That said, I think your estimation of business casual at RTS is way overstating things - I've gone in jeans many times, and frequently see diners in shorts and t-shirts (including Landrum himself!)

    I think business casual is definitely fine for RTC. I saw some folks dressed nicer (suits, dress), and others less so (jeans, polos). But the space itself is definitely fancier than RTS.

    1. I was there last Friday night- it was leaning towards casual- I felt dressed up in linen pants and shirt- but the place deserves people to dress up a bit.

      1. Thanks for your input!
        We read a review sharing Ray's the Classics
        has an entree called Mryland-style pan-fried chicken.
        Did you (or anyone in your dinner party) try it?
        Any entree (or hors d'oeuvre)suggestions?
        We already love the Hangar steak.
        And then there's the Key Lime Pie.....
        Was this a dessert option?

        1. The Hangar steak and Key Lime Pie are indeed holdovers from the RTS menu, and are as good as ever.

          The MD-style pan-fried chicken is absolutely fantastic. I've had more than half the "cocktail snacks" (no appetizers) so far, and haven't hit any duds yet.

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          1. re: DanielK

            Your earlier review (DanielK) is the one we've referred
            to in re to the MD-style pan-fried chicken! : )
            Thanks for your additional comments.
            We were also hoping the Key Lime pie would be
            available at both locations.

            1. re: NoHun

              I =always= order the Key Lime pie, and I'm from South Florida, so I know the real thing. It's the best version I've had outside of South Florida, and beats most of the ones I've had there too.

          2. OK, I confess I've now eaten four meals at RTC.

            Last night I was seated at one of the deuces in the front room and watched a couple of first-time folks seated at nearly tables.

            You will first be presented with a "Cocktail Food" menu with nifty cocktails, beer, wine (excellent buys) on the left and a daily changing list of apps on the right (one day there, sometimes not there the next): Hot Shrimp Cocktail (flash fried shrimp/horseradish sauce/fresh cool chunks of tomato) Grilled Fig sliced and filled with herbed goat cheese and wrapped in proscuitto)each plate $8. There were about 6 or seven other app offerings. Each table looked at this little menu book paired with a black wine/bubbles book and wondered if there was a dinner menu...

            Yes, it's in a larger book. Choice of 3 - 4 soups (crab bisque mentioned either above or "elsewhere"), complementary salad (choice from a list of ? 4 ), 6 or so steaks, seafood, veal, pork -- it just goes on and on. Some day I'll get to the chicken, not yet.

            And the killer desserts are just $5 (e.g., peach charlotte, key lime pie, cheesecake, coconut layer cake and fluffy light biscuit w/fresh stawberries). The pastry chef is late of Palena, Charleston (in Balto) and Citronelle. Even by looking at the desserts on neighboring tables it'll show.

            Seems that Citronelle has a gifted alumni chapter here at RTC.

            When you go, do yourself a favor and eat like a real Chowhound -- order as a team and share with your table. Come back for a second opinion as an excuse to dig further into the menu. Get to know the staff because they all have deep background stories (I mean extensive restaurant experience) and are proud of their offerings. Even better: let Yi Wah decide what you'll drink...