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Aug 10, 2006 01:57 PM

out of town and worth the drive

Hey folks,

Wondering what places you might recommend around the province worth a daytrip on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Rundles in Stratford? Eigensinn Farm? Sure, but any others?


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  1. Old Bridge Inn, Young's Point Ontario... Beautiful patio by Clear Lake in the Kawarthas.

    1. If you are going for the drive as much as the food, I would recomend heading over to Stratford and grabbing some fantastic sandwiches from the York Street Kitchen. Don't forget to get a Buttertart and a Brownie as well.

      1. thanks guys, any other recommendations?

        1. What about Harvest in PEC?

          1. I assume that this means daytrip from Toronto. Lots of you good folks seem to clog up the QEW on sunny Sunday afternoons on your way to our beautiful Niagara, so I would heartily recommend exiting said artery at Grimsby, and taking Regional Road 81 east along the base of the Escarpment, stopping in at Peninsula Ridge, Thirty Bench, Angel's Gate, Malivoire, Ridgepoint, and winding up at either Vineland Estates or On the Twenty (Cave Spring).