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out of town and worth the drive

Hey folks,

Wondering what places you might recommend around the province worth a daytrip on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Rundles in Stratford? Eigensinn Farm? Sure, but any others?


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  1. Old Bridge Inn, Young's Point Ontario... Beautiful patio by Clear Lake in the Kawarthas.

    1. If you are going for the drive as much as the food, I would recomend heading over to Stratford and grabbing some fantastic sandwiches from the York Street Kitchen. Don't forget to get a Buttertart and a Brownie as well.

      1. thanks guys, any other recommendations?

        1. What about Harvest in PEC?

          1. I assume that this means daytrip from Toronto. Lots of you good folks seem to clog up the QEW on sunny Sunday afternoons on your way to our beautiful Niagara, so I would heartily recommend exiting said artery at Grimsby, and taking Regional Road 81 east along the base of the Escarpment, stopping in at Peninsula Ridge, Thirty Bench, Angel's Gate, Malivoire, Ridgepoint, and winding up at either Vineland Estates or On the Twenty (Cave Spring).

            1. Hey ...
              My favourite drives end up at less sophisticated, but still worthwhile locals.
              Erie Beach Hotel in Port Dover for platters of fresh pickerel and perch (gotta try the celery bread)
              Camp 31 Bar-b-q in Paris for real southern bar-b-q.
              Chicago Style Deep dish Pizza in Hamilton for really good deep dish pizza (opens at 4pm)
              Give 'em a try.
              tx Stewart

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                Camp 31 is closed during the summer. It's bbq season in the south so they're on road doing tournaments.

                As of two years ago anyway

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                  This may have changed. They were open in the beginning of last August.

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                    I don't think this is the case anymore. I have dined there several times during the summer. Maybe it's only for specific weeks?

                    It's well worth the drive for those ribs!


                2. I'm not sure if it is still open, but I quite like the Hidden Bistro in Picton (it has a beautiful garden patio)as well as Angeline's in Bloomfield in PEC.

                  1. I always said I would never do this....recommend a restaurant I hadn't been to in the last 6 months... but I figure if you're out driving on a sunny afternoon who knows where you'll end up. We had a great meal at a relatively new resto in Woodstock of all places.....at Six Thirty Nine, 639 Peel Street, 536-9602. Apparently they now have a patio...kind of a busy street but.... The young chef has had some experience at Splendido in TO. If anyone tries it I'd love to hear about it...not Splendido pricing either.

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                      After reading this post, I thought I would try @ Six Thirty Nine on my way back from a meeting in London this morning, but they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays. I tried!

                    2. If you're on your way up north, stop in Barrie at a place called Michael & Marion's. Sophisticated and fun, you'll get quality food at a good value. I recommend the salmon.
                      Last I checked they're closed Sundays, though.

                      1. Just got back from Bayfield and The Little Inn. Good lunch three course selection for 25$. 2.5 hours from downtown Toronto, but a neat village with a decent array of restaurants.

                        1. Going from Toronto to the Midland/Penetang area -- any recommendations?

                          1. A great Saturday for the wife and I is a trip to the St. Jacobs farmers market and then to Olde Heidelberg House for lunch. I think my wife could eat the baked ham hock everyday and not get tired of it. We've been on a diet recently and when we decided a month ago to go to St. Jake's, I said we should try something different. She gave me one of those "Why did I even marry you??" looks.
                            Their home brew lager is fantastic too.
                            Then a stroll through town to work it all off.


                            1. You would only have a short time left to try this but......a lovely drive would be to Taboo Resort in Gravenhurst on Lake Muskoka. You can have a great lunch on the patio at the Boathouse....(it's even better to catch a sunset in the evening). Not only is it a great setting but the lunch is delicious! Then take a drive over to the Wharf!