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Aug 10, 2006 01:38 PM

Romantic French Restaurant in Beverly Hills area?

Help! I'm traveling to Beverly Hills area in early September. I'm looking for a French restaurant with great food in a romantic setting. I prefer more formal setting than a bistro style. I would very much appreciate your recommendations. Thank you.

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  1. La Cachette on Little Santa Monica.

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      I strongly concur. But call for directions if you go. It's been a real challenge to reach while Santa Monica Blvd has been ripped up.

    2. I've only had the La Cachette Picnic boxes which were pretty good. My sister has dined at La Cachette though and raves about it as well.

      My only other recommendation for a very formal romantic setting is L'Orangerie. It's closing at the end of the year so this might be your only chance. It is probably one of the prettiest rooms I've eaten in. It's very expensive and the food is very fancy and pretty tasty.

      1. i agree. go to l'orangerie before it closes. it's an l.a. legend and about as french as you can get. the chef has vowed to stay until they close.