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Aug 10, 2006 01:25 PM

PDX recs near Inn@Northrup Station

Likely dining alone Friday night on quick trip in and out of your fine city. Places I can dine at the bar. Decent wine list would be a plus.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think you might like Wildwood on NW 21st.

    1. Paley's or Basta's would be nearby and a great choice.
      Or take the streetcar (or just walk) to the pearl district for Fenouil, BlueHour, Carlyle.

      1. Yeah, the hard part is picking a place. You've got more options where you are than just about anywhere else in town. And every top restaurant has a bar, often with an additional bar menu. You'll even have some happy hour options if you're so inclined.

        1. Try the Brazen Bean On 21 St and NWGlisan about a 1/2 mile from your hotel . The BEST Happy Hour in PDX. IMO

          1. When you wake up, you must head towards T & 23rd. (streets are alphabetical and I can't be bothered to know their names). St. Honore bakery could quite possibly make the best French pastries outside of, well, France. Vitaley Paley is a wicked good chef, heads above Basta.

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              T is Thurman. St. Honore is more like 24th. Personally, I like Ken's Artisan Bakery, the other direction on 21st, better.

              1. re: extramsg

                nu huh, Ken's has burnt their bread half the time I've eaten there. Burnt does NOT equal artisan.