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Aug 10, 2006 12:08 PM

Dinner near Littleton, MA

I'm going to be outside Boston in the Littleton area for business next Sunday through Wednesday and was looking for somewhere I could drive to for a good dinner. I know it's decently outside Boston, but if there are some good places I can drive (without totally destroying my expense account) for a nice dinner it would be good. I'd also really enjoy it if there was good Thai food, as I'm sorely missing it since moving to North Carolina from the Pacific NW. Thanks.

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  1. Tewksbury is maybe about a 20-minute drive from Littleton (depending on where you're staying), and Mango II at 2171 Main St in Tewksbury is really good - excellent food and a comfortable vibe. There may be closer Thai (I don't really know the Littleton area well) but they're worth the drive.

    1. I think you'd have better luck posting your query on the New England board. I live in Littleton and can't think of a single place within 10 miles I can recommend. Ethnic food is a joke in the 'burbs. Billerica has a good Sichuan restaurant worth driving to - Sichuan Gourmet. Lowell has a divey but good place for Asian - Southeast Asian. That's not too far from Littleton and worth the trip.

      1. For Thai food, Benjarong in Acton, MA isn't too bad. 214 Main St. (Rt. 27)

        1. This is a reasonable drive from Littleton. I think you would enjoy it.

          1. I haven't been here but have been meaning to for some time mostly for the Jazz. It might work for you, let su know what you thought if you try it and if anyone else has been I would be interested to hear of your impressions.