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Aug 10, 2006 11:35 AM

Desperate for a good bagel in Providence...

I have an early morning meeting in Providence Friday and need to know where to stop and pick up some fantastic bagels before. I know Barney's used to be great, but they aren't around any more.


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  1. Davis' on Hope Street gets their bagels from Zeppy's. There's also a place on Wickenden (don't know the name) that's supposed to be good but I've never been.

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      Thanks for the tip. But, isn't Zeppy's from MA? I was hoping to find something local. Anyone?

    2. I like the bagels at Bagel Gourmet - there's one on Brook Street and another right on Thayer (if you don't mind dealing with the parking). Not exactly an obscure pick, but I haven't had better in Providence.