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Aug 10, 2006 10:37 AM

Looking for French Toast?

My daughter is craving a French Toast breakfast. Who has good french toast in the Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Watertown area? Thanks!

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  1. Good for kids and pretty good french toast at Zoe's on Mass Ave near Putnam, a few blocks from Harvard Square. It's bottom level of a small shopping complex below Dolphin seafood.

    1. Zaftig's banana french toast is my husband's favorite.

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        Yes I know of Zaftig's french toast but we were looking for a more traditional but very good variety.

      2. East Coast Grill's Latin brunch, which is only offered on Sundays from 11am - 2pm, is amazing. The only traditional American breakfast item they have on the menu is frech toast, which is described as "cornbread crusted french toast" but is nonetheless very well executed traditional french toast. The great thing about this option is that all of the non-french toast eaters can order the other wonderful stuff on the ECG menu.

        I took my 6-year-old daughter a few weeks ago. She had the french toast. I had the fish tacos.

        1. The Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown does a superb challah French toast. I like the brunch at Aquitaine and Caffe Umbra in the South End, but they both use brioche for their French toast, which I think is a bad idea but some people like. Union Bar and Grill does a "B-52" French toast that looks amazing but I have not tried, not sure what that name means (Kahlua, Grand Marnier, and Bailey's in the batter?). Mike's City Diner and Victoria's Diner, in the South End and Newmarket Square, respectively, do fine traditional French toast in giant portions, cheap.

          1. This may not be what you're looking for, but the Sunday brunch french toast at Upstairs on the Square is totally decadent. Huge, pillowy pieces of bread accompanied by ricotta-marscapone cream, candied pecans and carmelized bananas. Of course, if your daughter decided she was just interested in the toast, that could leave someone else with the enviable task of putting the toppings out of their misery....

            Another option might be the Deluxe Town Diner. I haven't tried their French toast but if their sweet potato and chocolate chip pancake is anything to go by, it should be good. Maybe someone else can vouch?