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Aug 10, 2006 06:03 AM

Pani Puri Company in Santa Clara?

The next mystery down the street from Seoul Rice Cakes was a store called Pani Puri Company. You gotta love places likee these whose names should tell you what they do. However, this one was also closed and all I could see was some cartons on steel shelving.

Any information about this spot?

Pani Puri Company
3157 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 246-1943

PPC's storefront -

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  1. Hello, this company make "pani puri". Supposed to be the best Pani Puri on land. I know a lot of puri lovers go there all the time. Only one problem they close early like a 3PM on weedays and 12PM on weekends. They make other items also. All of them with quality.
    Quality it there business. They only make puri and pani, everything to go only.

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    1. re: miten

      Thank you! I'll have to try to be there at lunch time then. Are the pani puri made one by one so you can eat each one fresh?

    2. Chowhound Peter Yee and I met there today to check it out. I thought that we might have some "assembled" pani puri for lunch. We would soon discover what "miten" meant by "They only make puri and pani, everything to go only."

      Thought I could save this by getting some pani (masala water), puri, and buying bottled chutney from Taj Mahal grocer a few doors down. But the water was sold out and wouldn't be available again till afternoon. So, we decided to come back another day when we could plan to tailgate in the parking lot with appropriate chaat assembling supplies.

      Wish I'd taken a photo of the posted prices. I think the puri were 50 for $5 and $4 for enough masala water to fill 50 pieces. The price list also included chat padi, sev, and a couple other items. A woman was picking up ahead of us and the fresh puri in her bag looked good. While we were waiting for someone to come out, I noticed a label with ingredients for the puri listing "wheat middlings" as the first ingredient. I'd always wondered what gave them that fiberglass-like appearance.

      Pani Puri Co. is located in the same strip mall as Bangalore Cafe (Real Ice Cream) at the opposite end next to Calabazas Blvd.

      Pani Puri Company
      3157 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

      1. The new website (under construction) lists a few more items: Bhel Mix, Mohun Thal, and Khaman Dhokala.

        Anyone been here lately?

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Wow, I wish i knew about this when i was in the area on Sat.

          So this place has been a viable business selling Pani Puri from 8am to 12noon for 2.5years? That is extremely odd. Can you imagine if say TOP DOG's hours were 8-12n?

          50pani puri for $10 is more like it!

          1. re: psb

            I first noticed it in 2006. Haven't had a chance to go back for the tailgater . . . thought you'd like the price! Note that's the price for just the puri. You'd need to buy pani, and then purchase or prep chutney, potatoes, etc.