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Aug 10, 2006 05:16 AM

Best steak or Mexican in Riverside area?

Suggestions needed for a Riverside region birthday dinner. Casual or nicer joints all considered... chow (as always) is the first consideration. Wish me luck. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Duane's in the Mission Inn is supposed to be a high end steak house. In the same area is Mario's Italian which is well known in the area. Never been to either, so I can't say yea or nay to either one.

    1. Anchos is good for Mexican. It is near the Tyler Mall. Also, Las Campanas at the Mission Inn is pretty good.

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        I agree, Anchos is where the big cheeses like to go at my workplace for business lunches. I had steak tacos there, and I swear it was the best steak as an ingredient I'd ever had. It was delicious and tender, I almost wanted to take some home. The steak was juicy and dripping, cooked medium rare and pinkish on the insides of each cooked rectangle of meat. Plus the lunch was a good value for the delicious food, coming with beans and rice. Salsa and chips were fresh and delicious as well.