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Aug 10, 2006 04:17 AM

Need reasonably-priced restaurant in Bay Ridge for 10

Hey everyone,

I need a restaurant for a birthday dinner with a group of ~10 people around Bay Ridge. It's basically a bunch of 17-year-olds - we might be a bit loud so nothing too upscale. $15/person or under is good. I've been doing a lot of research on the boards and reading reviews but people don't seem to say much about the "crowd" or prices. I'm fine with anything - Italian, American, Moroccan, etc.

Please advise! Thanks.

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  1. I am new to Bay Ridge, but have been exploring with my two teenaged girls.
    Try- Salty Dog on 3rd (IMHO the best burger- avoid the nachos), Spartan Souvlaki on 8th and 68th ( they have a party room). Peppinos on 3rd has a big table. Kettle Black does massive platters of wings and has music every once in a while, I did a kids party at Pizzeria Uno- not a very chowhoundish place, but it was ideal for the audience- can't beat the cookie sundae dessert. We ordered a bunch of appetizers for the table and gave each kid a limited menu to chose from. They also have complete packages. They also let us bring over cupcakes from 3rd ave since they did not have a birthday cake.
    It may be out of the price range but... Nouvelle has a basement- big screen tv or dance music on the sound system. Tonight we are trying Ginos on 5th. The list goes on...

    1. How about L&B Spumoni Gardens in nearby Bensonhurst?
      Fantastic sicilian slices and some very good heros and massive pasta dishes that can easily feed two at a time. Their antipasto salads are surprisingly good. Again, my money is on the sicilian - when they're on their game, there may be no better in NYC. Then, of course, there is the famous spumoni. This is a fun, old joint - good for a group; the more the merrier. If you sit outside, you can dig the family atmosphere and the neighborhood vibe wafting off of 86th street.

      Take a drive down to the Coney Island boardwalk - maybe ten minutes away by car, 15 by subway - and walk it all off.

      A bit closer by, if you're really into pizza, the Pizza Wagon is a neighborhood treasure. I always forget the exact location, though - ask just about anyone in the neighborhood - and I'm not sure if it's suitable for big groups.

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        Gino's and L & B (both already mentioned) are great ideas.

        I don't know if you could get seated at Kettle Black, actually, since it is a bar, but they do serve up great wings and burgers. (Though carfree does seem to have brought teenagers there.) I haven't managed to figure out what is so amazing about Pizza Wagon (which is at 5th Ave below 86th) - it's somewhat oily stuff-your-face pizza in a typical hole-in-the-wall space.

        In addition, I might suggest Fontana Sushi which has little party rooms off to the side and a $20 all-you-can-eat sushi deal, or Arirang, which does the Japanese "hibachi" thing (with someone preparing your food at the table with lots of silly theatrics.) But, maybe those options are too expensive (again, like $20 a head).