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Aug 10, 2006 04:16 AM

Has anyone tried the bottled Ben and Jerry's Milkshakes?

I saw them today at the grocery store. They were in bottles similar to Starbucks frappacino bottles and came in chunk monkey, cherry garcia and fudge brownie. They were just starting to stock them on the shelves so I couldn't see how much they were, if they were reasonable I would have snatched one but I'd hate for it to be a few bucks and be bad or mediocre. Has anyone tried them?

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  1. I haven't personally tried them but there was a short blurb in the paper yesterday about them and it sounds as if someone at the paper did try them:

    1. They are made by Pepsi, as are the RTD Starbucks Frappuccinos.
      I tried the Cherry Garcia and the Chunky Monkey, and both were decent. I preferred the Chunky Monkey to the Cherry Garcia. They don't have the consistency of a regular milkshake, of course, since they are drinkable and not "slurp-able".

      They are made with shelf-stable milk BTW, so they don't have to be refridgerated, although I would guess you would want to chill it before consuming.

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        Thanks, I will get one for DH to try he likes milk based drinks more than I do.

      2. I was in a super-convenience store while travelling and there was one cheery garcia milkshake---It was not cheap---didn't care!! I got it--and was it ever good!!! Quite tasty!!!

        I wonder if you could sub that for milk in fudge??? Am wanting to make some cheery garcia
        fudge. Any ideas??

        1. Yes--they set up a taste test in Union Square in NYC back in the fall. I tried all 3 flavors and thought they were all "eh"--kind of bland and uninteresting. I do like Ben & Jerry's ice cream, didn't love these.

          1. Dreadful would b.e my descriptive