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Aug 10, 2006 04:14 AM

Claremont to Pasadena--Best Place for Dinner for Two

My wife and I will be picking up our daughter in Claremont this Sunday. It's our last California trip for the summer. We're staying in Ontario. We need a place for dinner for Saturday night, and will drive 30 or so miles for a good meal. Cost is not a huge issue, but we do like value, don't want anything too fancy/formal (and definitely don't want any expense account places or chains), and like Italian and California/Southwestern contemporary.

Suggestions? TIA

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  1. For Italian, just outside of the Ontario airport on Vineyard Avenue is Rosa's:

    If you would like to dine al fresco, Owen's Grill in Chino, which is south of Claremont:

    If you would like steak, Sycamore Inn in Upland, just east of Claremont:

    Or New York Grill, at Ontario Mills:

    (The last link also describes a visit to Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena. You have mentioned Pasadena, there is a wealth of dining options, all cuisines, all pocket books available in Pasadena.)

    1. better than Arroyo Chop House whose meat has been disappointing to us of late, try Parkway Grill next door and ask for a table in the window. we have had some surprisingly fantastic meals there, nice ambiance, great service, nice piano music, organic garden, you can park on the street after 7pm and make reservations via

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        parkway grill just changed their menu! not completely, but some amazing changes!!!!! ii work there, and we have some good stuff!!!!!

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          Uh, Parkway and Arroyo Chop House are owned and operated by and receive their meat from the exact same sources. So?

          1. re: DonnyMac

            arroyo chop house exclusively serves prime, parkway doesnt. bummer huh?

        2. Please note that the Sycamore Inn review was posted about three years ago. It has slipped since then. I would go to Outback before going back to the Sycamore Inn.

          1. Tiny Italian restaurant in Claremont village.