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Aug 10, 2006 04:06 AM

Brandied Peaches

Any thoughts on good recipes for brandied peaches? Spicing? I made a batch last year when I got hold of some good but extremely ripe peaches. I think I overdid it on the sugar as the liquor was more like liqueur than brandy. The fruit also got quite dark.

This year I've bought a crate of Georgia peaches (thanks TDQ!) and thought to make another batch, as I've gotten a new large glass cask. I'm looking for recipes that do not require processing in a heat bath, as for canning.

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  1. The only spice I would use is clove. I'm wondering how peach brandy or kirsch would taste with peaches mixed in - probably delish.

    1. Some recipes for brandied peaches do call for starting with peach brandy. But peaches macerated in either peach brandy or kirsch could be good, esp. with whipped heavy cream, over ice cream, etc.

      1. To help prevent some of the browning add some fresh lemon juice, about one lemon for every 6-10 peaches. Toss the peaches gently with the lemon and let sit a bit before adding the brandy and sugar. It wont be noticeable flavorwise and will keep the peaches more of a light tan color. The acid will actually bring up a bit more of the peach flavor.

        Or you can add more lemon and the zest for a tangy brandied peach recipe.

        1. Thanks for the tip, JME. I usually soak then in acidulated water, with somewhat mixed results.

          1. A good recipe I used with a grill last week was the following:

            8 ripe peaches
            1 vanilla bean
            1/2 - 1 cup Amaretto
            1 cup sugar

            Slice the peaches in half and remove pit. Heat oven to 375.
            Split the vanilla bean and scrape the insides into a mortar. Pound the bean insides with the sugar until mixed.
            Grill the peaches on the cut side for about 5 minutes or until dark. Place peaches cut side up in a baking pan, sprinkle sugar and pour brandy over them. Cook in oven for 10 min or until soft. Serve immediately.