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Aug 10, 2006 03:54 AM

Fresh Wasabi

Anyone know where I can score some fresh wasabi in the DC area?

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  1. I have never seen it for sale here, but the specialist Japanese markets, like the one on Curren Ave in McLean, might have it occasionally.

    1. Tachibana offers fresh homemade wasabi at a cost. It's milder than the dyed up version.

      1. I talked to the cashier at the Japanese store in McLean and no luck there the last time I was there. The only thing I found out is that it's hard to get and very expensive.

        1. Also to note is that Tachibana use wasabi paste made from 100% wasabi, no horseradish. However, they do not usually use fresh wasabi root, which is what I am looking for.

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            I believe they use fresh wasabi root if you request it. It's on the menu on the dry erase as you first walk in.

          2. I have purchased Wasabi root from Pacific Farms ( It was very nice when grated properly, but it was milder than the fresh wasabi root that you find imported from Japan at the finest restaurants in the US, like Masa in NYC and Matsuhisa in LA.

            When I get a little OCD I think about ordering some Japanese wasabi via one of my Japanese chef friends that gets it regularly. I suppose that if my Japanese were better I could buy it directly from Japan. :


            Alternatively, as you are aware, you can buy authentic wasabi paste in tubes at many Asian markets and online from Catalina Offshore Products ( which also sells excellent sushi grade fish.

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              In today's Post Weekend section, Eve Zibart reports that Perry's in Adams Morgan also offers fresh wasabi at $3/serving. According to the article, they have a new sushi chef with new offerings and this guy's (japanese) formerly from NYC and also Matuba.