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Aug 10, 2006 02:36 AM

Kebab Cafe on WNYC today

Did anyone else hear Ali on WNYC this morning? It was a locally produced story, not one from NPR. I think I heard it around 6:45. It was about the effects of the blackout on local businesses. They interviewed several people, but he was the first. Sounds like his problems go way beyond spoiled food. The compressors that run his fridge (maybe other equipment, I zoned for a sec) were damaged, and apparently electricians are hard to come by, so he's waiting.

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  1. There has been a discussion and it has a link to the transcript of the show on this board:

    Most restaurants and stores lost their equipment due to power surges etc. JC & Family (former El Guaton) in Woodside had their AC and oven exhaust blown, and I think one of the pizza ovens was broken too. I had their dogs and chacarero 3 nights in a row last week and every time had to wait in a scorching heat (long wait since they make the sandwiches from a scratch).

    1. Lots of us in the area have suffered from this effect. The refrigerator in my apt. was damaged by running on low and unstable power for several days, and my landlady tells me that at least half of the fridges in my building may need to be replaced. A lot of folks had their ACs damaged.

      The real shame is, of course, that Con Ed is offering businesses $3,000 maximum for all this (and goodness knows when you'll get it). I think a lot of restaurants in the area operating on slim margins may go in the months to come.