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Aug 10, 2006 02:31 AM

where to find It's It Ice Cream sandwich on west side....

hi all
i'm from the bay area and craving an It's It ice cream bar. I live in santa monica and would like to stay west of the 405. I went searching a few weeks back all over Westwood but came up empty handed....
any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. There is a liquor store on or near the corner of Pershing and Manchester in Playa Del Rey. It is on Pershing between Manchester and Talbert on the West side of the street. Similar to you, I searched the landscape for the vaunted It's It and happily found it there by accident.

    Good luck.

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    1. re: mattesq

      thanks so much! i'll give it a try...

      1. re: mattesq

        Hi Mattesq, is it Del Rey Liquor? I went there tonight and they seemed to be sold out. Cashier said to try next week, his ice cream delivery guy was on vacation. I will call before I go again. If anyone has any other West Side spots, please share. We are former-SFers seeking our fix.

        Del Rey Liquor
        8367 W. Manchester Ave.
        Playa del Rey, CA 90293

        1. re: venicerunner

          Sorry for the late reply. Yes that is the place. Bummer that they were out. And just a note, Dodger Stadium started selling It's Its after the company that made Kool-a-Koos went out of business. As a loyal Dodger fan, I initially had a problem with a SF ice cream treat being sold at Dodger stadium, but I got over it. Now, Dodger stadium has stopped selling It's Its and replaced them with some bullshit Choclate Chip cookie ice cream sandwich. I was horified. At least it saves me an extra 300 plus calories each game. Good luck.

          1. re: venicerunner

            No -- it's at the Howe Market; on the catty corner of Pershing and Manchester. I saw it there randomly a few weeks ago.

            1. re: ElissaInPlaya

              Hi Elissa, I went to Howe Market today per your recommendation and they had the Its It-brand Super Sundae and the Its It-brand Super Cone, but no IT'S ITs.

              So I headed across the street to Del Rey Liquor and today they just received a case of 24 Vanilla IT's ITs. I bought 7 for a dinner party tonight. The owner seemed pretty open to ordering more based on interest, I'm going to ask her to order some Mint ones next time round.

              Thanks for everyone's help in satisfying our craving.

        2. I happen to live on the Westside and am utterly intrigued by this ice cream sandwich. What is it??

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            it's an ice cream sandwich made from 2 oatmeal-ish cookies with ice cream (the ice cream flavors are vanilla,chocolate mint or cappucino) and it's all dipped in chocolate.
            it's made by a company based in the bay area. here's their website:

            i grew up eating them and haven't had one in years, i hope it will be as good as i remember it.

          2. I was trying to get some It's It for dessert for a party and while the Ice Cream wasn't so expensive, the shipping was like $80 so 18 bars would have cost around $100.00.

            I gave up on this and went to Costco where they sell Vanilla or Chocolate bars double dipped in chocolate and covered with cracked almonds. Wow are they good!!!

            It wasn't It' It, but they were wonderful ($1.50 ea) and a very big hit at the party.

            1. Please see this previous post. Apparently a lot of ppl love this.


              someone found them at ucla =


              good luck!

              1. there's a similar item called the UFO that I see all the time in markets / convenience stores on the east side. Can anyone provide a point by point comparison of the It's It and the UFO? Is there an east side or mid-wilshire It's It purveyor?