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Aug 10, 2006 02:27 AM

Help me make her birthday dinner memorable

I Love My Wife.
And I would like to make her birthday dinner next Wed. a memorable one.

She has a fine palate and likes really clean food.

I was thinking of something along the lines of 11Madison but I'm not sure about the idea of a pre-fix menu.

Then I thought about Spice Market downtown but was there once and would like someplace a little more intimate.

Is Danny Meyers place at MOMA an excellent choice?

Any recommendations of your favorite, special place are greatly appreciated.

Oh, and some place in Manhattan...


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  1. Don't overlook the possibility of ordering a la carte at 11 Madison Park if you want to go there and are not sure about doing a prix fixe.

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    1. re: Pan

      i did not see a la carte on the online menu. do they do a la carte? thanks.

      1. re: meb903

        I haven't yet had the pleasure of trying the cuisine of Chef Humm (I went to 11 Madison Park three times under their previous chef), but according to posts on a thread on eGullet, they do indeed have a carte.

        1. re: meb903

          I called to inquire and in fact there is a sampling menu in the bar/lounge.

      2. The Modern is a fantastic choice. The Dining Room menu is quite elegant - their summer tasting menu in particular has very 'clean' flavors.

        Since it's a Union Square Group restaurant, you're guaranteed excellent service. Be sure to tell them it's her birthday for extra special attention.

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        1. re: foodiegrl

          i would not go to the modern for a romantic dinner. it is very formal, very stiff, and nothing about it is romantic. the food was okay. not great. and way too expensive for the quality.

          i would go to babbo.

        2. I really think that Il Buco on Bond St. is the most romantic, intimate restaurant in NYC. Order from the long list of amazing appetizers until satiated.

          1. Since your wife likes clean food, I recommend Blue Hill. The owners also have a farm upstate, which supplies most, if not all, of their fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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            1. re: nycexplorer

              Actually, taking her to Blue Hill at Stone Barns would be even more special. Very romantic.

              1. re: Pupster

                Agreed. Rent a car (go to Hertz and get one of their cars with Neverlost in it; it will direct you right to the restaurant) and take her to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. You will not be sorry.

            2. "Really clean food" - sounds like a trip to Craft to me.

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              1. re: livetotravel

                So many great suggestions. Looking at Craft, what about Craftbar down on 19th and B'way?

                1. re: cello55

                  well, get other opinions for sure, but to me Craftbar was all about the bar and not about the craft ;-)

                  1. re: cello55

                    Food at Craftbar is pretty good, but not good enough to make me want to return.

                    1. re: Lucia

                      The new Craftbar is not romantic. What about Blue Hill?