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Best patties?

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*A certain Toronto weekly publication* thinks Queen of Patties at Bloor and Landsdowne is the shiz in this realm. What do you think?

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  1. I read that article--I've never tried Queen of Patties, but plan to soon. Have you, Jax?

    Personally, I like Allen's in the Peanut Plaza and Randy's on Eglinton W.

    1. I second both Allan's and Randy's. Allans also make great hardo and coco bread.

      1. Mmmm...a patty in a coco bread. Health food.

        1. I read the same article and was shocked to see that most Caribbean/West Indian places sell patties that are previously frozen.

          It will be great if you can post "authentic" patty places.

          There is nothing like a spicy beef patty with a ginger beer (or even chocolate milk) for a snack.MMMMMMMM

          1. I couldn't get the link for the full article (they want $$) but there was an article in the Star on Jul 26th about patties - here is the brief summary I found in the archives:

            Georgina Hamilton, owner of Caribbean Queen of Patties, shows off the Jamaican flag. "Jamaican people love fresh patties," she says. Georgina Hamilton brags that she still makes patties by hand. Here's how. 1. Ready to proceed, she pulls thyme sprigs out of the marinated meat mixture. 2. She places the meat on to the dough with an ice-cream scoop. ...

              1. If you get up north to Newmarket, Tweedy's Patties on Bayview at Mulock is very good. They also make great roti and jerk. It's amazing to me to move north and find a spot as good as many city ones.