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Aug 10, 2006 01:56 AM

Oakland (Shattuck @ 60th) - The Brick Pig's House - Black American Style BBQ

This little piggie went to market
This little piggie was on her way home
This little piggie saw roast beef
This little piggie had none

... cuz they open August 21st.

The website says:

"All of the meat we serve is prepared by Carolyn using a family recipe passed directly to her from her mother (who got it from her mother) and no one else. That recipe is both time tested and secret"

More info and menu on website.

Here's the link to the a la carte menu which is just slightly tricky to find. The menu link first takes you to the combos dinners. Kinda cool by the piece pricing. Makes BBQ affordable.

Yeah, I know the first four sentences were too cutesy, but I couldn't resist. I swear the signboard said 'roast beef'. However the online menu says brisket. Nice-looking little place.

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  1. Weird pricing (other than the rib slab). I hope they make it more akin to other BBQ places.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

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    1. re: Eugene Park

      Actually they have the more traditional dinners ... with drink and a piece of pie thrown in ... and a dinner roll ... something better than the standard balloon bread? Here's the dinner combo link.

      Hmmm .... BBQed pork, beek or turkey links

    2. Yeah, what is UP with those prices? Most of their 12 oz items cost more than triple what the 6 oz item would be!

      Still...more BBQ in Berkeley/North Oakland...sounds good.

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      1. re: Agent 510

        They now have a correction on the site, and say that someone told them that their pricing looked off, which has caused the prices of some items to go down. I'm excited to try this place out when it opens.

      2. Would this been inside Dorsey's Locker?

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        1. re: oaklandfoodie

          Nope. Brand shiny new place with large sunny windows in another location.

          1. re: lintygmom

            I don't know abour Dorsey's. Until a few years ago, Nellies was located in there, but they are near Jack London Square now.

            Al's Crab Shack? ... or Art's Crab Shack. It gets sort of ok posts on the board. The oyster loaf (aka oyster poor boy) and hushpuppies get a thumbs up. From what I understand the food is solid but not amazing.

            1. re: rworange

              I have been going to Dorsey's Locker (nee The Bosun's Locker) for close to 20 years. Nellie's was never located there. The owner/cook? at Nellie's used to cook at Dorsey's.

              Dorsey's has quite good, straight-ahead soul food. I like the gumbo (too salty, but great depth of flavor w lots of seafood), short ribs (good fat to meat ratio), turkey wings w dressing (moist and surprisingly good), greens, black-eye peas.

              The neighborhood is a little dicey. Occasionally I've felt a little uncomfortable but the doorman of the bar in front and the staff inside have been very hospitable. It is surprisingly close to Rockridge (1 freeway exit). I was told about Bosun's by a Black co-worker and she warned me that someone had just been shot in the bar. Did that stop me? You might be the only non-Black face in there, but that might be educational and you'll be getting some damn fine food.

              1. re: chocolatetartguy

                Yeah, there was a high-profile "massacre" there during the height of the crack wars in '92 -- the place was shot up, two people were killed and eight were injured. But I don't think in general that's a particularly dicey neighborhood now -- not great, but not exacty the 'hood. I know several people who live within a few blocks of there.

                1. re: chocolatetartguy

                  ctg replied to Ruth Lafler

                  I started going there in the late '80's and was told by my friend that there had been a murder in the bar in front. I wasn't aware of the incident you mention. That might have given me pause. On days when I was carrying a lot of cash (for the flea market), I have opted not to go there, but otherwise I go unless I can't park within a block, which is almost always. I have taken a couple of non-Black, but Third World friends there and they were quite pleased.

                  I used to wonder if they minded non-Blacks coming around, but I think they are genuinely pleased that you go to the trouble to come in. And it turns out that the owners are related to a current co-worker.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Home page currently says opening will be delayed to sometime later in the week. Apparently they need to fine-tune their fire suppression system...