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Freezing Bread?

I'm new to freezing food, but with a toddler now and specials at the market all the time, I find myself taking advantage of the "Buy One Get One Free" deals more and more. I've done milk so far, but now bread is on sale.

Is bread a good candidate for freezing? If so, can anyone offer any tips?


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  1. All my bread lives in the freezer all the time, except that which I remove in the morning for use that day. For convenience, I cut unsliced bread, such as sourdough or French, into meal sized chunks of a few inches long and place in a clear plastic bag (so I can see what I've got) with a twist tie.

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      My bread also lives in the freezer. Somewhere I once read (Harold McGee perhaps) that bread goes stale *fastest* at refrigerator temperatures, and *slowest* at freezer temps. I go through bread fast enough that I just throw the "free" loaf or loaves in the freezer as is, and use within a week or two. Unless you really wrap it well it will eventually dry out, but if you use it reasonably quickly it's not a problem.

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        The way to see if it's too old to use is that bread, like other foods, gets freezer burn. The very top surface gets that bleached white look of freezer burned chicken. It's easy to see. Toss it. I really should invest in a vacuum sealer, but I've got limited space and enough gadgets.

    2. Bread freezes really well; just be sure to use freezer bags and press out as much air as possible.

      1. I live on frozen bagels at work, toasting one for lunch every day. We live about 40 minutes from our favorite bakery so we buy loads of bread, rolls, and bagels at a time and freeze most of it for future use. We use heavy freezer bags as already mentioned.

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          Well, exactly. Bagels: if I didn't freeze them I'd hardly ever eat them because I just do not get out to the one good bagel bakery in SF all that often. But if I freeze them, any day I want, I can have a bagel nosh.

        2. I agree - I love good bakery bread, but since it is just me and my husband, we never seem to be able to consume an entire loaf of the "good bread" before it goes bad. So, I buy a loaf on the weekend, cut it into portions appropriate for the two of us and then freeze it. I prefer using ziploc bags (it is key to remove as much air as possible) and then wrapping tightly in foil or freezer paper. It works just fine. A slow thaw is best.

          1. Agreed our bread is ALWAYS in the freezer! We do it all the time with all sorts of different breads! We just take out the slices that we plan to use, if we want to use right away, we just zap in the microwave for a little bit, if we have a few minutes, we just leave them out on a plate to thaw (Takes a short time really) and they are as fresh and soft as the day we bought it!

            In fact, we recently de-thawed a bag of New England hot dog buns that had been in our freezer for 6 months! We feared we'd waited too long to use them, but they came out BEAUTIFUL, Tasty and Toasted up just fine for Lobster Rolls! :)



            1. I freeze all that I bake myself, doing what one poster suggested - good freezer bags and squeezing air out. I have my own private bakeoff ;), and the flavour is terrific.

              1. I always bake it at high temp for 2 or 3 minutes, then it tastes like fresh.

                1. Ok, must just be me, RR. I HATE bread from the freezer. It's fine for toasting or maybe a grilled cheese, but I don't care for it for a sandwich. I do keep my bread in the fridge. We don't eat a loaf very quickly and find that this extends the life. Interesting that the above posted said that it goes stale fastest in the fridge. I think that here in AZ, it's so dry and the bread gets dry too. I'm sure you and the kidlet go through bed faster than we do.

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                    Oh, I agree - I should have mentioned above that I don't like bread that's been frozen unless it's toasted.

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                      Interesting - I always eat toasted bread - even lightly toasted, even if not pre-frozen. I guess I just like hot, chewy bread better. Hmmm....never thought of that before.

                  2. I always store bread in the freezer. If you leave it out it gets stale, if you put in the fridge it gets moldy.

                    We don't eat that much bread every day, but I do buy bread from a great Italian bakery and keep it in the freezer. For Bruschetta, panini,croutons,the bread in the freezer means very fresh bread with little waste.Bagels and chiabatta freeze particularly well.

                    I would suggest wrapping in Saran Wrap or Tin Foil, then storing in a freezer lock zip bag.